Garrett Discovery Inc. Opens Digital Forensic Lab in Louisiana

Garrett Discovery Inc. is adding its 8th location as part of a national expansion

Garrett Discovery Inc.

Garrett Discovery Inc., a national digital forensics and eDiscovery firm, has expanded its practice again by opening a new forensics lab in Minden, LA, to better assist clients across the United States. 

The latest expansion is part of a plan by Garrett Discovery Inc. to have a location in every metropolitan area across the United States over the next few years. Currently, the firm has worked on more than 3000 legal matters in 37 different states. 

"Our experts have been an integral part of favorable verdicts for our legal clients in Louisiana for many years and it only makes sense to expand Garrett Discovery Inc. in this region," said Megan Roberts, General Manager at Garrett Discovery Inc. 

Garrett Discovery Inc. focuses on helping attorneys and clients win their cases through the use of high-end services such as: 

  • Mobile Phone Forensics 
  • Audio and Video Forensics 
  • Computer Forensics 
  • GPS Forensics 
  • eDiscovery
  • Social Media Collections 
  • DVR Forensics 
  • Data Recovery
  • Medical Record Forensics
  • Audit Trail Analysis 

Garrett Discovery Inc. experts include computer, audio and video forensic experts, a doctor, lawyers and nurses who provide services for more than 500 criminal and civil matters every year. 

Garrett Discovery Inc. experts have worked on some of the nation's most televised trials and public defense cases. From Intellectual Property Theft, Digital Crimes to Medical Malpractice, they have proven themselves in countless trials. 

The new office will be located at 415 Main St, Suite B, Minden, LA 71055. The company is based in Orlando, FL, with additional offices in Chicago, IL; Millington, TN; Charlotte, NC; Downers Grove, IL; Bakersfield, CA; and Champaign, IL. 

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About Garrett Discovery Inc.: Garrett Discovery Inc. began in 2007 right after the birth of modern-day eDiscovery. We only work exclusively on pre-litigation or litigation cases and serve as consultants or experts. All of our experts have years of experience and have testified in multiple state, federal and tribunal courts in matters involving mobile phone forensics, audio and video forensics, computer forensics, GPS forensics, eDiscovery, social media collections, DVR forensics, data recovery, medical record forensics and audit trail analysis. Visit our website at for more information or call us at (888) 822-5077.

Source: Garrett Discovery