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Geranium, Pelargonium

Geraniums are the most popular terrace and balcony flowers. This plant owes its popularity to the easy cultivation and long blooming period that lasts from May until first frosts.


Geranium seedlings are available in garden stores from the end of April, but we advise to wait with planting them in boxes and pots on balconies until mid-May. Only then can one be hundred per cent sure that young plants would not be harmed by the last spring frosts. In order for the plants to grow best and bloom abundantly, one needs to provide them with fertile and permeable soil. We recommend using special geranium soil that contains all the nutrients this plant needs. Do not forget to place a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot. It is also crucial that the pots one would grow geraniums in have enough holes in the bottom to carry off the excess water. Geraniums prefer sunny sites, although the border cultivars will also succeed at the partially shady locations. Good geranium seeds buy here:


Geraniums quickly react to the dryness of the soil with withering and drying out of the leaves. Hence they require watering every day, particularly during heat periods, when the soil on hot terraces and balconies dries out quickly. Early morning is the perfect moment for watering geraniums, as it gives the plants enough water for the whole hot day. One may also water the plants in the evening of the hottest days. Do, however, make sure that the leaves and shoots are not wetted, as it supports the development of the fungal diseases that the geraniums are prone to.


Geraniums need regular supplies of nutrients in order to bloom abundantly all season long. Growers should begin with the fertilizing end of May already and continue with it until early autumn. Liquid multicomponent fertilizers guarantee the best results. One should carefully examine the contents of a given product before making the purchase. They need plenty of potassium that makes them bloom abundantly. You should not provide them with too much nitrogenous solutions, as these fertilisers make the plants develop more leaves than blooms. We strongly recommend using special geranium fertilisers.


Geraniums are not frost-resistant, and it is important to transfer them to a bright and cool room in the warm autumn, on November 1st the latest so they could winter there. The temperature should not exceed 6 – 8°C. Water the plants sparsely, preferably through the saucers. Pouring water directly to the soil promotes rotting and development of fungal diseases. In February and March, the plants will shoot new stalks that caretakers ought to cut off. One may let them grow roots and propagate geraniums that way. It is also worth pointing out that you should not keep the geraniums for more than two seasons, as the older plants tend to grow wild and bloom less abundantly. Good seeds for other flowers can be bought here:

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