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Quality Managers, Auditors, and Consultants Will Have Better Access to Career Resources Reports GAQP

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Memberships in trade organizations and professional certifications have been found to increase income and opportunities.  According to, “certifications and memberships in professional organizations...can have a positive effect on pay...If you have a certification that is can expect to earn a little more because of it.”  Another article on professes that “certifications often mean the difference between pulling down a middling salary and making serious dough.”

Quality Managers, auditors, and consultants represent an important, yet largely overlooked, segment of the workforce without adequate professional resources.  On a daily basis, quality professionals keep airplanes flying, power plants operating, medical devices functioning, and food, water, and the environment safe, among numerous other things that impact daily life.

The Global Association of Quality Professionals™ ( has announced that it now offers memberships, resources, and professional certifications such as the Certified Quality Manager™ (CQM), Certified Quality Consultant™ (CQC), and Certified Internal Quality Auditor™ (CIQA) programs.

According to GAQP, “Quality professionals need proper training, career support, and recognition.  We are passionate about advancing the quality profession, its importance, and how it makes our world a better and safer place.”

GAQP™ also offers training on specific areas of expertise within the quality field such as ISO 9001, Lean Manufacturing, and Kanban.

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