GameYan Going to Visit World's Biggest Game Developer Conference (GDC) at San Francisco

The Biggest Game Industrial event is going to start from March 14, 2016 which will last till March 18, 2016. This five day event will leave an impact of game development and its cutting edge technology on the professionals who are going to be a part of it . GameYan, being one of the leading Game Development Company across Gujarat is going to participate in GDC 2016 for the first time.

The main focus to attend the GDC is Virtual Reality Developer Conference (VRDC) and Business Center. VRDC will be held alongside GDC at San Francisco.  It’s a two day summit where the professionals will explore the latest trends on gaming technology and its wearable devices like Oculus Rift, DK2, Google Cardboard and Google Glass. Big Scaled Game Development Companies will exhibit their games developed in latest technologies and how they can be played using VR Wearable devices.

Mr. Avadhesh Mahajan, Chief Operating Officer of GameYan says, “It’s the first time I am going to visit such event. Looking at the schedules and it’s focal point, I can only say that it’s worth a visit. My vision and mission to attend this conference is to explore the advancements in gaming world and to collaborate with exhibitors or join hands of partnership with them.”

GDC is not just a conference; it’s a grand event that consists of everything which will help to shape the future of Gaming Industry.

Take a look at the schedules of Events Starting from March 14, 2016

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