Gamber-Johnson Releases New Payment Stand for iPad 10.2 and MagTek iDynamo 6

Gamber-Johnson announced today the launch of two new products in collaboration with MagTek, a leader in the payment card industry, to bring durable, reliable and responsive products to the retail market.

Payment Stand for iPad 10.2 (w/Swivel)

Gamber-Johnson, a leading supplier of rugged mounting solutions for fleet vehicles, public safety vehicles, forklifts, and other mobility applications, announced today that it has launched a new line of products specifically designed for the Apple iPad 10.2 and MagTek’s iDynamo 6 card reader. Featuring a swivel and no swivel option, these products add flexibility to the consumer/associate interaction and can be used in several different point-of-sale environments. 

Product Marketer, Garrett Neta explained why Gamber-Johnson is confident they can provide a valued solution for the retail space, explaining, “The global POS terminals market is a billion dollar industry that is rapidly growing and we believe that our offering brings the durable construction retail environments desire. We have extensive experience building products that withstand the harshest conditions, while also providing improved user ergonomics, so the move into the point-of-sale environment is a natural progression to grow our business.“

The new product offerings for the iPad Mini and MagTek iDynamo 6 include:

Payment Stand iPad 10.2 (w/swivel): Rotates 180 degrees creating swivel movement and is designed with a 45 degree angle for added usability.

Payment Stand iPad 10.2 (no swivel): Designed with a 45 degree angle for additional adjustment.

Both products are designed with an open hole base for easy cable management that assists in reducing cable strain and keeps the point-of-sale area clean and clutter free. The payment stands can be easily mounted on a variety of surface thicknesses and feature corrosion resistant materials for long term durability and added cost savings.

For more information about Gamber-Johnson and the company’s new payment stand product offerings, visit or contact an authorized reseller

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Gamber-Johnson is a leading supplier of rugged mounting systems that safely secure mobile communication systems, computers and other electronic equipment in fleet vehicles, public safety vehicles, forklifts and other mobility applications. Their products are used by law enforcement, public safety, military, and warehouse fleets around the globe and are known for being rugged, reliable and responsive. Founded in 1954, Gamber-Johnson is located in Stevens Point, WI. To learn more about Gamber-Johnson visit

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