Galaxy Photography Introduces Hyper Speed Direct Positive Paper for Medium Format Cameras.

 Galaxy Photography introduced a new direct positive photo paper “Galaxy Hyper Speed” in the form of 120 format rolls and exceeded its goal during the first day on Kickstarter, a fundraising platform for new projects. The paper that combines the qualities of both photo paper and a roll of film is a unique product on the market that sustains a trend of resurging interest in analog photography.

This project is the next logical step after the Galaxy Photography’s previous successful effort to revive direct positive photo paper for reversal process. Their last year Kickstarter project “Galaxy Hyper Speed” exceeded its funding goal by 50%. This time, the paper is presented in the 120 type rolls, and it’s compatible with all classic medium format cameras such as Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Holga, and Lyubitel.

In addition to its highest speed never achieved before for photo paper (ISO 120) and its convenience, this unique form of media can save photographers time as they will be able to shoot directly on the paper.

 Just as Galaxy Hyper Speed for large format cameras, Galaxy Hyper Speed 120 paper contains the largest amount of silver in the industry, which results in rich blacks and distinctive half-tones. Moreover, the photographers will be able to try out a unique photo medium from the past.

GALAXY COMPANY is a team of passionate photography professionals who develop, manufacture and distribute photography products. Galaxy supports analog photography and maintains the not so long ago widely used techniques of traditional photography. The distribution network of the company effectively covers all the United States. Galaxy has won hearts of many professional photographers for their high-quality products and hearty customer service.

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