Gain Clarity When Monitoring Huge Storage Spaces

Cloud computing with wireless LAN data loggers enables easy safeguarding of climatic conditions

Storing sensitive goods means preserving quality at the highest possible level. Therefore complying with legal regulations and keeping a close eye on climatic conditions is of vital importance. T&D Corporation now provides wireless LAN data logger solutions with alert functions and cloud storage that enable easy and accurate handling and safeguarding in depots, warehouses and other storage facilities. The TR-7wf series monitors different temperature and humidity zones simultaneously while measurements are automatically documented without any need for manpower.

The credit card-sized, lightweight loggers can be fixed wherever temperature and humidity measurements are needed. No wiring or additional devices are necessary, and data is automatically forwarded via wireless LAN at chosen intervals to the T&D WebStorage Service. This cloud server offers 20 MB of storage capacity per registration, which is sufficient for comprehensive archiving. At any time and from any place, data can be easily accessed via PC or mobile app. Alternatively, the free T&D Data Server software can automatically store the data on a local hard disk. Measurements are displayed continuously in well-arranged tables and graphs for documentation. Should critical temperatures be reached, the system relays an alert by e-mail or optical and acoustic signals via the app or on site. Appropriate action can then be taken before damage occurs and precious goods are spoiled. T&D provides a variety of network connection methods, and its TR-7nw series offers similar features to the TR-7wf series, but connects with wired-LAN and has the option of being powered via PoE IEEE 802.3af.​