Gaggia North America Introduces Espresso Evolution & MDF55

Two exciting new products are now available from Gaggia North America: the Espresso Evolution is a compact and stylish semi-automatic espresso machine with a PID-controlled boiler and automatic pre-infusion; the MDF55 is a 55mm flat burr grinder with silent-grind and anti-clumping technologies plus intuitive touchscreen controls.

Gaggia Evolution

Fresh off the manufacturing floor in the beautiful city of Gaggio Montano, Gaggia North America has two new offerings to support the brewing of authentic Italian espresso at home. 

The Espresso Evolution is a budget-friendly semi-automatic espresso machine that makes brewing excellent espresso at home easy, and the MDF55 is a whisper-quiet, all-purpose grinder designed specifically to be paired with the Classic Evo Pro. 


Stylish and compact, this impressive semi-automatic espresso machine allows even novice baristas to consistently brew quality espresso at home.

The PID-regulated boiler ensures consistent temperatures at the group head, and the automatic pre-infusion gently wets the coffee puck to reduce channeling. With the memo function, you can program extraction times for easily repeatable shots.

The Gaggia Espresso Evolution is also incredibly versatile. It comes with a set of stainless steel, double-wall filter baskets that allow you to brew high quality espresso using freshly ground coffee beans, pre-ground coffee, or E.S.E. coffee pods. 

For cafe-quality cappuccinos and lattes, the pannarello steam wand makes it easy to froth milk, even if you have no barista experience whatsoever. 

The Espresso Evolution accommodates taller cups of coffee as well. Simply remove the drip tray for additional clearance under the portafilter spout. 

Available in Lava Red and Stone Black, the Espresso Evolution is the perfect option for any aspiring home barista. 


Designed to be used with the Classic Evo Pro, the Gaggia MDF55 grinder features 55mm flat, hardened-steel burrs with stepless micrometric adjustments. 

Operated through an incredibly-intuitive touch-screen display, the MDF55 has two easily-programmable doses, which are adjusted in 0.1-second increments. 

Designed and constructed entirely in Italy, the MDF55 features high-quality components and thoughtful design features: the Anti-Clumping System reduces static and produces pillowy grounds while the Silent Grind Technology makes this one of the quietest grinders available. 

The oversized grind adjustment knob is aesthetically striking and allows for minute adjustments to the grind size across a wide range of sizes, suitable for preparing everything from espresso to French press coffee. 

Both the Espresso Evolution and the MDF55 are available from Gaggia North America. Visit Gaggia North America to learn more and get one of your own.

Source: Gaggia North America

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