GAGE Piracy Automates Security Protection for Pre-Release Media & Entertainment

Dragonfly is a first-of-its-kind security system to prevent movie content leaks from spreading

Addressing a ballooning risk to high-budget movies, Gage Piracy announces the release of the Dragonfly, a new, first-of-its-kind, automated security system to prevent movie leak images and clips from spreading. With social media growing exponentially, pre-release leaks spread wildly, spoiling plots and causing Media & Entertainment (M&E) studios to lose millions in revenue. The newly launched Dragonfly security system allows M&E studios to preload their movies safely, monitor images and videos posted on social media, and receive immediate notification when posting matching images or videos.

Movie leaks can be as innocuous as a camera-phone picture of a movie set or as deliberate as a disgruntled revenge act. Either way, they can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. "It feels good to give studios the power to stop their revenue loss. The M&E market invests billions into new releases annually, and it comes with thousands of potential leak risks. Pre-release movie leaks cause high blood pressure for CSOs and angst for CEOs," said Bruce Ulrich, Gage CEO. "Studios described their need for a solution and helped create this product. Their insights defined what is like penicillin to pre-release leaks."

Until now, large teams of people on social media monitoring systems were the only way to contain the revenue-threatening leaks. With GAGE Piracy's new Dragonfly security system, an individual is empowered to prevent leaks from spreading and maintain control over what is allowed to spread across the internet. Dragonfly uses 3-dimensional recognition and finds images from alternate angles. The technology analyses images and clips in addition to text and offers advanced features for greater control - such as advanced bucketing and relevance. Advanced bucketing allows for grouping the same images for fast review and group takedowns, while relevance integrates contextual information to identify images from alternate points-of-view, and even different scenes.

About Gage Piracy

Based in Frisco, TX, and founded in 2020, Gage Piracy spun out of a content creator who had been frustrated that anti-piracy did not protect their content. Before spinning out, Gagenet was developed and proven effective at protecting. Gage builds with that customer-focused perspective to provide industry-best pre-release content security and post-release protection. With performance specifications defined by the M&E industry, Gage's systems not only locate all leaks and streaming piracy but identify the necessary elements for removal. Unlike most anti-piracy companies, Gage is solely and passionately focused on protecting M&E content before and after release.

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