Gabriele Rose de Ginant's New Book 'A Classic Retelling of Snow White' Is A Lovely Read Introducing A Timeless Fairy Tale To The Younger Generation

Fulton Books author, Gabriele Rose de Ginant, a praiseworthy teacher and counselor, a loving mother, an artist and designer of various media for nearly two decades, has completed her most recent book "A Classic Retelling of Snow White": an enchanting tale about a young and beautiful princess, Snow White. The wicked queen envies Snow White's beauty, so she plans a lot of evil to banish her from the castle. Will this lovely princess find happiness in this classic retelling? Read and find out.

de Ginant shares, "Many years ago, a lovely queen and a kindly king were blessed with a little girl. They named her Snow White, for her skin was white as snow, her hair was as black as ebony wood, and her little lips were as red as blood. Happy years followed until the queen did not recover from an illness. Years later, the king took another queen, with hopes that she would be a good mother to Snow White, but she was jealous and of bad character. Snow White was driven from her home and left in the deep forest, fending for herself. Fortunately, she met seven kind-hearted forest dwarfs. They welcomed her in their quaint, cozy home. However, after some time had passed, the jealous queen hashed a most wicked plan to have Snow White gone, this time, for good. Yet her wicked plan did not succeed. Instead, she was eaten up by her own rage and anger, never to be seen again.

The story has a most happy, truly magical conclusion, with much celebrating and bliss for everyone, for all the years that followed."

Published by Fulton Books, This new version by Gabriele Rose de Ginant is a magical book, beautifully illustrated, a heartwarming, loving experience. This book is suitable for all ages.

Readers who wish to experience this enjoyable work can purchase "A Classic Retelling of Snow White" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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