Gabriel Obando's New Book "A Letter for Ana', 'Una Carta Para Ana', is a Heartwarming Love Letter From a Father Addressed to His Beloved Daughter

Gabriel Obando, a professor at Universidad de Nariño at Pasto, has completed his most recent book “A Letter For Ana”: a gripping and potent read that talks about a father’s wonderful and unmatched love for his daughter ever since she became a part of their family. An interesting feature of this book is that it is written in English and Spanish.

Gabriel writes, “This book is based on a letter I wrote to my daughter Ana. It is a letter from the heart that turned into a book. It tells her how I feel about her and what I felt when she first came into our lives. It is a story that reminds us all that love is all you need to create a family. Adoption is just a way to channel that love to unite us all. It reminds us how we all felt the day our family came together, how the events took place and how every member of our family was ready to welcome Ana into our lives.

"Este libro esta basado en una carta que escribí a mi hija Ana. Es una carta que salió del corazón que luego se convirtió en libro. Cuenta lo que siento por mi hija y lo que sentí cuando apenas llegó a nuestras vidas. Es una historia que nos recuerda que el amor es el único requerimiento para crear una familia. La adopción es solo una manera de enfocar ese amor que nos une a todos. Esta historia relata como nos sentimos ese día y como cada miembro de la familia estaba listo para recibir a Ana a sus vidas.”

Published by Fulton Books, Gabriel Obando’s book is a captivating creation that highlights how beautiful love is. Here, a father expresses his feelings of love and care for his daughter by recounting the day since Ana came into their home.

Readers who wish to experience this touching work can purchase “A Letter For Ana” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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