G999: Josip Heit, GSB Gold Standard Expands Its GSMedia Division With Strategic Media Acquisition

GSB Gold Standard and Josip Heit acquire historic German newspapers.

G999, GStelecom, GSmedia, GSB Gold Standard : Josip Heit takes over German media group with brands:

GSB Gold Standard, based in Hamburg, Germany, announces the strategic acquisition of three historic newspaper brands, along with their registered trademarks, in an effort to strengthen and expand their GSMedia Division and promote GSB's G999 Blockchain technology: Berliner Tageeszeitung, Berliner Tageblatt, and Deutsche Tageszeitung.

By acquiring these historic newspapers, GSB Gold Standard Group and Josip Heit as Chairman of the Board is confident of growing the German media company, which is comparable to some of the largest media organisations in the United States. The recently acquired newspapers were some of the most influential and well-known in Germany during the time of publication, with two of them having origins dating back to the 19th century.

  • Berliner Tageeszeitung - Founded in 1945
  • Berliner Tageblatt - Founded in 1872
  • Deutsche Tageszeitung - Founded in 1894

With a self-proclaimed obsession for technological innovation, Heit hopes to take these influential and historic names and transform them for the 21st century to be more modern, and in line with his pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision.

Heit follows a line of other business magnates like John W. Henry, owner of Liverpool FC, who in 2013, purchased the Boston Globe for $70 million, and former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who purchased the Washington Post for $250 million the same year.

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