G3 Global Services Announces Partnership and Global Service Expansion to Over 65 Countries

G3 Global Services with New Global Partnerships

G3 Global Services, the leading technology company in the vital travel document services industry in the United States, announced today a global partnership with The Visa Team (TVT), a global passport and visa service company. The partnership will expand G3’s global footprint for providing services in more than 65 countries. The company’s new global presence now makes the critical execution of valid and up-to-date vital travel documents available to clients around the world with international business travelers.

This partnership offering, presented under the G3 Global Services brand, provides concierge-level white-glove service to travelers in their home country and a technology-driven travel and visa/passport company – while expanding the competitive landscape within the global travel document industry for both corporate and leisure travelers.

“We are very excited about the next phase of G3’s growth and our commitment of becoming a true global partner for our clients,” said Charlie Cobb, Chief Operating Officer. “This partnership allows our clients the opportunity to consolidate all of their vital travel document needs and lets us offer our superior customer support to all global aspects of our clients’ travel plans. In this day and age, businesses are short on time and resources, and travel requirements are changing daily. Researching, understanding, and securing documents for global travel can be an arduous, time-consuming process for a corporate travel team. Our global footprint and streamlined process offloads pressure from our clients making it convenient, fast and easy to secure the documents their global travelers need in time to meet tight deadlines.”

This partnership leverages the strengths of both organizations. This includes forward-thinking technology for cost-effective solutions for global mobility programs, Apple Wallet Visas, SAP Concur Integration, API capabilities and a mobile Passport Photo Application with specifications per country on the part of G3 Global Services. The Visa Team brings to the table a global footprint and specialization in all types of work, entry, business and tourist visas and visa stamping in every country, often eliminating the applicant’s need to visit the Embassy/Consulate in their home country.

About G3 Global Services:

G3 Global Services is one of the leading visa and passport companies in the United States, with over 25 years of experience. The company has offices in every major location to fulfill its clients’ travel visa and passport needs. Using the latest technology and customer experience procedures, G3 Global Services provides international travel document support and management services to individuals and companies of all sizes including the world’s leading brands. Corporate travelers can rely on G3 Global Services to meet the latest visa requirements, provide a wide range of options and deliver exemplary customer service.

Learn more at g3visas.com.

About The Visa Team, LLC

The Visa Team, LLC (TVT) is a global passport and visa company specializing in all types of visas for all nationalities. The Visa Team’s global footprint provides service in over 85 countries. The company supports all visa requests regardless of the purpose of travel, nationality or destination. One of its specialties is providing consultation to companies and business travelers, assessing their unique business needs and providing guidance and support for the correct category visa. 

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About G3 Global Services

G3 is one of the largest and most respected travel visa and passport companies in the US, with over 25 years of experience. With offices in every major location in the US, we can fulfill all your travel visa and passport needs.

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