G.E.T. Enterprises Welcomes Winco to Its Team

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G.E.T. Enterprises, a supplier of alternative tableware, and its investment partner Olympus Partners, are pleased to announce that G.E.T. has merged with Winco, a manufacturer and supplier of kitchenware and tableware to create a leading supplier to the foodservice industry.

G.E.T. has been a leading supplier of high-quality dinnerware, drinkware, and displayware crafted from melamine and alternative materials for over 30 years. G. E.T.’s tableware portfolio features the look and feel of traditional materials while delivering unique designs with exceptional durability benefits. The company’s dedication to quality, reliability, and customer service has made it a favorite among national restaurant chains, universities, caterers, hotels, contract feeders, and other foodservice establishments.

Winco was founded in 1992 by David Li (CEO) and Peggy Ding (CFO) who, along with other early team members, developed the company into a key manufacturer and supplier to the North American foodservice industry. As a result of its clear market strategy and precise product positioning, Winco has grown exponentially over the last 25 years. Through a commitment to customer-focused service, along with a unique strength in product development and sourcing specific to the commercial foodservice industry, Winco is proud to be an award-winning supplier partner for foodservice operators and distributors. With an extensive 5,000-product line across 20 categories that span from tabletop to back of the house, Winco is a leading preferred brand among professional chefs and restaurateurs.

Heidi Modaro, Chief Executive Officer of G.E.T. and the parent company stated, “G.E.T. continues its expansion to provide our foodservice customers and chefs with more options. We are thrilled to create one G.E.T. and Winco family. By adding the Winco product lines, we are blending our alternative material products with a broad line of the highest quality small-wares. This merger will bring clear benefits to our customers - together, G.E.T. and Winco will have stronger new product development and sourcing capabilities. Importantly, we will be able to serve our customers faster and more effectively throughout the U.S. and internationally with a more extensive global supply chain and expanded distribution capabilities positioned strategically across the U.S. in California, Texas, and New Jersey.”

David Li, Winco’s CEO, stated, “For Winco to have been able to grow to our current standing in the industry today makes me incredibly grateful for and proud of all our employees, and appreciative of our customer and supplier partners for the opportunities they provided and their support. I envision that a partnership with G.E.T. will be an excellent platform for us to build off each other’s brand strengths. We will work together to collaboratively support a broader range of markets and industries, and to further provide better products, services, and solutions to all of our customers. We look forward to being a part of a stronger combined family with G.E.T. and flourishing together in the future.”


Heidi Modaro, CEO of G.E.T. Enterprises
​Tel: (713) 467-9394   

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