Futurechrome Launches ChromeUV, the World's First Instant Cure Chrome System & the Birth of the Mobile Chrome Repair Industry

Futurechrome Brands announces the world's first and only instant cure chrome system and their newest addition to the Futurechrome Line of Products: ChromeUV™; a start to finish instant cure UV hydro-chrome system enabling skilled applicators the ability to perform on site chrome repair and chrome restoration in a mobile or on site environment.

​​​​Futurechrome Brands announces the world’s first and only instant cure chrome system and their newest addition to the Futurechrome Line of Products: ChromeUV; a start to finish instant cure UV hydro-chrome system.

ChromeUV  is a completely revolutionary process that combines the speed, strength, durability and long term reliability of UV cure coating technology paired with all the aesthetic beauty and reflective brilliance that hydro chrome technology brings to the table. The result of this powerful combination is a completely turnkey instant cure chrome system that can take virtually any hard or flexible surface and deliver an amazing chrome finish in minutes instead of days.

"You are witnessing the birth of an untapped multi-billion dollar market and it's only the beginning."

Jim V., Manager, Futurechrome Brands

ChromeUV Application Comparison;

The typical hydrochrome application has always been a 3 stage process that required the use of an “airdry” or “bakeable” urethane basecoat followed by a layer of thin spray on silver plating and a final layer of clear “air dry” or “bakeable” clear topcoat. The main problem being the lengthy dry times for the basecoat and clear topcoat ranging between 24 and as much as 72 hours per layer. This results in many product application failures due to the length period of time “tacky” or wet coating is exposed to falling dust and debris in the air.

With ChromeUV both the basecoat and clear topcoat are cured in an astonishing speed of 5 to 10 seconds using a proprietary UV Curing urethane that consists of a blend of photopolymers and acrylates within the urethane that rapidly cure the coating when exposed to a concentrated focused beam of UVA and UVB rays. Essentially, the spray on silver plating or hydro-chrome process remains the same.

The benefits of ChromeUV are astounding with nearly limitless applications, the first and by far the most ground breaking is the system’s ability to be utilized in a “mobile” or “on-site” setting.

The Birth of the Mobile Chrome Repair Industry

For the first time in world history, skilled applicators will have the ability to repair existing chrome parts and create chrome finishes in the field, on site at car dealerships, at body shops and even in a customers driveway on virtually any surface such as plastic, metal, fiberglass, glass, tile, ceramic, concrete, wood, composites, carbon fiber, and much much more. The possibilities are endless and the birth of a new industry has taken its first step to fill a giant void in both the chrome industry and the automotive marketplace. Projected growth throughout the worldwide automotive market alone in the next 5 years is expected to generate billions of dollars in gross retail sales not to mention several other markets such as retail display, prototyping, hydrographics, firearms, signage, mobile phones and electronics, and thousands more everyday items, too many to mention.

Complete turnkey systems including equipment and material start at only $10,000.00

The benefits and scope of this new and exciting technology are vast and potentially limitless, to find out more about ChromeUV and how it can help your business contact a representative at Futurechrome by calling (844) 411-3055 or visit www.Futurechrome.com

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