Future Value and RenewWest Partner to Accelerate Climate Investment in the Indo-Pacific Region

RenewWest announces a new partnership to accelerate social investment into conservation and community development in the Indo-Pacific.

Future Value and RenewWest today announce a new partnership to accelerate social investment into conservation and community development in the Indo-Pacific. 

RenewWest, the developer of the largest carbon-based reforestation project in U.S. history[1], brings their extensive expertise deploying nature-based solutions utilizing carbon finance to work with Future Value in promoting community-centered development in the Indo-Pacific region.

Future Value is a leading social investment company accelerating the world's transition to a regenerative economy. With headquarters in Queensland, Australia, Future Value works across the Indo-Pacific region and African continent to build economic and social infrastructure that supports the well-being of communities and the environment. It uses its expertise in developing social development frameworks and facilitating community-driven design processes to establish key initiatives like regenerative investments in housing, infrastructure, and land conservation. 

The objective of the partnership is to increase economic impact from land conservation and infrastructure development, working with local communities to transition their land from logging exploitation to protection and restoration. This means shifting the focus from exporting milled timber, including from virgin rainforests, to valuing the carbon saved from avoided deforestation. This helps protect and preserve local biodiversity whilst providing traditional landowners with significant economic and social benefits. 

"Future Value is a pioneer in social investment. Their focus on community initiation, co-design, and collaboration is a deeply relevant tool in the face of today's challenges. Since we first met Selar, Future Value's principal, we couldn't wait until this day came. The future will certainly be brighter as we support their work," commented John Cleland, Managing Director at RenewWest.

RenewWest becomes Future Value's carbon services partner, bringing key forestry, carbon protocol, and carbon finance expertise to its projects globally. 

"It is one of Future Value's highest priorities to develop carbon offset projects to benefit communities as stewards of their natural resources," said Selar Henderson, Managing Director of Future Value. "The Indo-Pacific region holds some of the world's richest remaining forests and biodiversity, and I'm thrilled we are partnering with one of the world's leading nature-based solutions companies to help communities here and elsewhere to protect these valuable resources for decades to come."

Today's announcement builds on RenewWest's history of helping landowners and land stewards create additional value from their lands and allowing them to easily tap into the burgeoning carbon offset markets. Together with Future Value, the two organizations plan to assist Indo-Pacific communities in developing local resilience, economic opportunity, and creating regenerative models for conservation and development, showcasing that progress and planetary needs are not mutually exclusive.

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Authorized For Release

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About Future Value: Future Value is a leading social investment company accelerating the world's transition to a regenerative economy. Future Value is pioneering investment frameworks that focus on economic and social development providing net benefits to communities and the environment. Working across three continents, Future Value puts forth the ambitious goal of directing $1 trillion in capital to social investment by 2031. Learn more at FutureValue.Global.

About RenewWest: RenewWest is a global firm scaling ecosystem regeneration utilizing carbon finance. RenewWest developed the largest carbon-based reforestation project in US history and works with landowners and land stewards across the globe to generate economic value while protecting and restoring their lands. Learn more at RenewWest.com.

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Source: RenewWest