Future State Consulting Hires Nike Veteran, Broadening Scope to Include Project-Based Delivery Services

Future State Consulting Portland

Celebrating their second year as one of Portland’s 100 Top Fastest Growing Private Businesses, Future State Consulting has recently invested in talent from both Apple and Nike to spearhead growth in the project and software development services space. Twenty-four year Nike veteran Holly Swanson says she “love[s] working at Future State because we have the perfect blend of ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ experience, bringing a high level of innovation, creativity, and passion in our approach for assembling the best teams in Portland.”

Future State Consulting has been in business since 2012, primarily focused on direct-hire staffing. As the company continues to grow and hire top talent from highly reputable organizations, Future State has been able to shift from the direct-hire approach to a full scale, project-based software solutions organization. Their unique approach has created a buzz within the Portland market when it comes to full-scale solutions within the software development lifecycle.

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