Fusionetics Announces New Website and Ecommerce Launch

Whoever you are and however you move, you need Fusionetics first - that's the takeaway from the new website of a breakthrough movement performance solution.

​Fusionetics today announced the launch of a new website built to embody the functionality, power and solutions-focus of the Fusionetics system itself. The new site also includes an online store offering endorsed third-party products proven to complement the Fusionetics system and enhance the experience of athletes and Fusionetics practitioners.

The redesign allows visitors to quickly identify Fusionetics programs and solutions relevant to their organization and goals, and clearly presents the proven benefits that have made Fusionetics the movement performance solution of more than 600 elite professional and collegiate athletic programs. 

The site’s bold, dynamic visuals reflect the company’s mission and unwavering focus on evidence-based results. Featured images and testimonials include Fusionetics enthusiasts such as former NBA star Grant Hill and New Orleans Pelicans head trainer Aaron Nelson.

"Fusionetics is immediately useful, comprehensive and effective - so those were the goals for the new site,” said Dr. Mike Clark, founder and CEO of Fusionetics. “A first-time visitor spending five minutes on the site is going to see extraordinarily compelling evidence backing the concept of ‘Fusionetics First.’ We’re very pleased with the experience it provides.”

“Our existing customers and practitioners are going to have streamlined access to news, product and feature launches, partner activity and expanding resources,” Clark said. “That’s going to help them grow with us as we expand our market presence.”

Fusionetics now includes Body MAP, a 2D motion capture assessment that can be done by anyone using a smartphone. Body MAP dramatically expands accessibility to the Fusionetics system and provides an easily scalable enabling technology that can power a wide range of Fusionetics programs. Applications on the horizon include consumer apps for fitness and weight loss, movement-based employee health initiatives and community activation and outreach tools to help prevent and/or accelerate recovery from sports injuries, pain or loss of mobility.  

Fusionetics is the only performance health system on the market that delivers both evidence-based, quantitative movement assessments and personalized, clinically proven movement corrections for injury prevention, better performance and faster recovery. 

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence informed by human movement experts, each Fusionetics assessment and individualized program draws on a massive knowledgebase: billions of data points captured across decades of head-to-head trials with thousands of movement routines, exercises and training programs performed by tens of thousands of athletes. 

 Visitors are encouraged to explore the new Fusionetics website at www.fusionetics.com.

About the Company

Fusionetics is an evidence-based human movement optimization solution developed by industry leaders in sports medicine, physical therapy and the science of movement. The company’s mission is to share the benefits of proper body movement with the world by making it possible for anyone to apply the science of movement to their physical training, fitness, injury prevention or therapy program. Fusionetics’ digital platform draws on a proprietary knowledgebase of data from thousands of professional and college athletes, using AI to assess body movements with pinpoint accuracy and deliver individualized solutions to correct problems or imbalances that hinder performance, invite injury or create pain. Already used by over 600 college and professional sports programs, Fusionetics can now be easily incorporated into youth athletic programs, consumer fitness apps, centers and gyms, employee wellness plans, sports medicine practices, physical education programs, and more. See more at: http://wwwfusionetics.com.


Source: Fusionetics