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Fusion Red is a desktop PC company that provides great quality PCs for a great price. www.fusionred.jimdo.com

Are you tired of paying $999.99 for a "gaming pc" with 4GB of RAM? That's not a gaming pc. This is where Fusion Red steps in. Fusion Red offers great PCs for great prices.

Are you getting tired of looking for great deals on PC's and never finding one? Then when you finally do it's not such a great deal after all? That's where Fusion Red steps in. We offer great PC's with great performance for a great price! All you have to do is head over to our website here: www.fusionred.jimdo.com | Other PC manufacturers sell you a "gaming pc" for 800-900 dollars and they only have 4GB of ram! That's not a gaming PC. For true gaming PCs turn to Fusion Red. We offer proper gaming PCs with at least 8GB of RAM. Also, all of our hard drives are at least 7200 RPM. We strive to provide great quality PC's and not pieces of junk that were in a dumpster somewhere. 

Here are the specs of one of our models: (Not full specs)

3.5GHz processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 1TB hard drive? Guess the price.

750? Nope. 645? Nope. 600? Wrong again. It's JUST $540. Yep, you read that right! Just $520. A better price than all the other PC's out there. And guess what? It's not a sale. These are our actual prices. So check out our website at www.fusionred.jimdo.com

Comments, questions or concerns? Email us at FusionRedPC@gmail.com

Fusion Red strives to provide great PC's for great prices. We offer Home Office PC's and Gaming PC's. Our prices are much lower than the competition.
Our website: http://www.fusionred.jimdo.com
Our Twitter: @FusionRedPC www.twitter.com/FusionRedPC

About Fusion Red

Fusion Red offers a wide variety of PCs for anything from web browsing to hardcore gaming and video editing. In addition to this, we also do custom PC builds, and if you are willing to use Ubuntu, you can save some money.