Fusion Raises $40,000 for Omaha Gym Benefitting Those Living With MS

The 4th annual Drive Fore MS golf tournament raised more than $40,000 for an Omaha gym that works to keep those living with multiple sclerosis active.

Fusion Employees Raise Money for MS Forward

Employees at Fusion Medical Staffing have spent the last few weeks raising money for MS Forward, a local gym in Omaha that helps those living with multiple sclerosis stay active. The company held a two-day golf tournament where employees sported t-shirts raising awareness and donating money while they played a round of golf.

MS Forward is a gym that specializes in adaptive fitness for adults diagnosed with MS, other chronic illnesses/injuries, the elderly, and the sight impaired. Fusion has been working with the gym for several years, and the executive director, Daryl Kucera, says Fusion's donations will help with new programs and equipment for gym members.

"It takes a community to do what we want to do and help people," said Daryl Kucera, owner of MS Forward. "Partnerships like the one we have with Fusion allow us to do things that wouldn't otherwise be possible."

MS is a disease that hits close to home for the Fusion Family. There are a handful of people within the company who have seen their parent's world flip upside down because of it. The company uses this event as a way to rally around those people and remind them they have a community of people supporting them.

"It speaks to who we are and the quality of people at Fusion," said Chad Crawford, director of sales strategy. "It's not personal for everyone like it is for me as my mom battles MS, but every year people are coming out here and supporting not only my family but a whole group of people in our community and others at Fusion who have a story like my mom's."

Reach out to leah.kemple@fusionmedstaff.com for more photos and videos from the event. 

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