Fusion Marketplace Welcomes Aequor Healthcare Services as New Partner

Auequor Healthcare Services is taking the step to ensuring more transparency for the company's travelers by joining Fusion Marketplace.

Fusion Marketplace

Aequor Healthcare Services has joined Fusion Marketplace and is continuing its commitment to give travelers a higher level of transparency and ease in the search for their next career choice.

Fusion Marketplace launched February 10, 2021 as a one-stop shop for healthcare travelers to take control of their careers. The traveler-first driven platform provides full transparency for healthcare travelers and allows them to manage their information across multiple agencies. Leaders with Aequor say they joined Fusion Marketplace because they prioritize a simplified way for healthcare professionals to navigate their careers.

"In the last 18 months, we have worked hard to automate our processes as much as possible in order to provide a streamlined process that allows the clinicians to have the best possible experience. We are excited to continue this trend by partnering up with Fusion Marketplace," said Logan Frank, Vice President of Aequor. "Fusion carries a strong reputation in the healthcare staffing space and our visions align with making sure the clinicians and clients come first. Joining a platform that will allow the clinicians and clients to connect in a faster, more efficient manner was an easy decision for us to make."

Fusion Marketplace is aimed at giving all healthcare travelers more transparency and fewer unknowns. They are able to use the one-stop shop to compare benefits, pay packages and reviews across multiple agencies. This new career platform gives the traveler full control of their job search and provides them with tools to improve the overall experience of comparing options. 

"We're so excited to add Aequor to Fusion Marketplace because their values align with Fusion's values in so many ways," said Carrie Polak, Manager of Customer Success for Fusion Marketplace. "Aequor wants to make sure the process to propel their travelers in their career is simple and efficient, which makes the company a perfect fit for Fusion Marketplace."

There is a great demand for traveling healthcare professionals, but they have not always had full control over major career decisions. Fusion Marketplace is now leading by example in building a traveler-first community. Healthcare travelers are now able to make decisions and choose their assignments based on honest and transparent details before they talk to a recruiter. 

To learn more about Fusion Marketplace and to create your traveler profile, go to fusionmarketplace.com. 

About Fusion Marketplace:

Fusion Marketplace is a staffing recruitment platform where healthcare travelers are in control. Healthcare travelers now have more career, agency, recruiter, and lifestyle choices in one convenient location. Unknowns known. Learn more at fusionmarketplace.com.

About Aequor:

Aequor is a healthcare staffing company employing healthcare professionals for travel assignments at hospitals and other medical facilities nationwide. Aequor is certified by the Joint Commission and was awarded one of the "Top Travel Nurse Companies for 2017". The company is growing rapidly as a respected staffing organization serving the nation's top hospitals. Our company has been in the staffing business since 1996 and has earned many accolades from our valued clients and our nurses. 

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