Fusion Marketplace Makes Housing Easier for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

The traveler-first platform is making housing, a common obstacle for traveling healthcare professionals, easier to obtain as they choose their next assignment.

Fusion Marketplace

Fusion Marketplace has found another way to make it easier for traveling healthcare professionals to navigate their way through securing their next job. The traveler-first platform has added a housing feature provided by Furnished Finder that makes the housing process seamless and streamlined.

Traveling healthcare professionals face unique challenges when it comes to finding the right home for each new assignment. The average contract only lasts a few months, which makes finding a new home taxing for professionals.

"Housing is the most stressful part of starting a new assignment," said healthcare traveler Carolyn Davidson. "The housing feature on Fusion Marketplace will relieve a lot of stress we have when trying to find housing options."

The feature will show the traveler everything they need to know about the home, including whether it allows pets, if it includes utilities, if it is furnished, and the minimum amount of time the traveler can lease the home.

Travelers are consistently looking for reliable resources to find housing. Some travelers say they have even avoided certain assignments just because housing struggles have held them back.

"My fiance and I have three dogs, so finding pet-friendly housing can be a challenge. We've looked on several websites, but even the most popular ones don't give us any leads," Davidson said. "The more resources the better."

Now, travelers using Fusion Marketplace can manage their careers and secure housing all in one place. With this traveler-first platform, taking the leap into a new adventure as a healthcare professional is that much more streamlined.

About Fusion Marketplace:

Fusion Marketplace is a staffing recruitment platform where healthcare travelers are in control. Healthcare travelers now have more career, agency, recruiter, and lifestyle choices in one convenient location. Unknowns known. Learn more at fusionmarketplace.com.

About Furnished Finder: 

Furnished Finder is a short-term housing provider for travel nurses and other business travelers who need furnished housing. We boast a 92-day average stay and are major data providers for corporate housing coordinators and medical staffing companies across the U.S. Property owners list their available short-term apartments on Furnished Finder, as healthcare travelers command a consistent appetite for traditional corporate housing and alternative housing types alike.

Source: Fusion Marketplace


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