Fuser-Compatible Tabs Now Regular Stock For Digitally Printed Mail Pieces

Addresser Based Systems now offers, as a regular stock item, the special tabs necessary for mail pieces that were printed with digital presses.

A fuser-compatible tab, with glue developed specifically for the mailing industry that allows mailers to apply tabs to media that is printed on digital laser presses, will now be available as a regular stock item instead of special or custom order item. Rick Krieger, president of Addresser Based Systems, says it will provide a solution for many of his clients.

Digital printing, versus offset printing, is becoming more popular for many printing applications; especially direct mail marketing. Digital presses allow mailers to cheaply run small jobs as well as large ones because they don't require the expensive supplies and labor that offset requires; especially when printing in full color. They also enable mailers to print variable data (i.e. mailing addresses and personalized messages) without adding a second step to the printing process. But high volume digital laser presses must use a certain oil (fuser oil) to function properly. That oil, which coats the media as it runs through the machine, keeps tabs from sticking to the media properly. Those tabs are required for certain mail pieces in order to qualify for low postage rates.

"This has been a big problem for mailers for a long time," said Krieger. "There were only two ways my clients could overcome the problem. They could use an offset press, which means they have to print the addresses as a second step with an inkjet address printer, or they could order specialty tabs, which were expensive. Now, I can offer a variety of tabs as regular stock items. They no longer have to submit custom orders."

"I've gotten several requests for the tabs, even before we made them available on our website," says Charlie Dehne, a support consultant at Addresser Based Systems. "Postal regulations require very specific tab placement and adhesion, so most self-mailers and all booklets must be properly tabbed. Booklets have to run through the tabbing machines before they can go out. If the tabs don't stick, then my clients can't mail them, or the tabs come off in the mail stream and the products never reach their destination."

Krieger said he started offering the new tabs as a standard product to his clients in April 2011. "Printing direct mail pieces with digital laser presses, because of the ability to print full color in low volumes and/or print variable data, is becoming more popular-almost necessary," he says. "This was keeping a lot of mailers from switching to the digital printing process, and it's nice to see the industry overcoming the problem."

Addresser Based Systems, continuously family owned and operated, has been providing mail equipment since 1962 for mailers and printers. Their staff is devoted to high quality service and keeping their clients updated and informed on technological developments within the mailing equipment industry. They've made the new stock-item fuser tabs available on their website at http://AddresserBasedSystems.com/fuser-tabs.

For more information on the fuser-compatible tabs or on other mailing equipment and mailing supplies, contact Rick Krieger at 1-800-398-5786.

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