Furry Friends Need a Drink as Well: Robotic Bartender Cecilia.ai is Developing a Smart, Mocktail Dispenser for Dogs

Israeli startup Cecilia.ai, the developer of the first interactive robotic bartender Cecilia, has introduced their latest product - a robotic bartender for dogs. Combining the latest tech, BarkTender.ai will offer mocktails based on the dog's breed and preferences.

The BarkTender.ai

From pizza-making and burger-flipping robotic arms to robotic baristas and bartenders, service robots have taken the world by storm, but what all these great innovations have in common is the fact that they were designed to serve only humans.

Well, no more. Cecilia.ai, the developer of the world's first interactive robotic bartender, is now introducing its newest product - BarkTender.ai, the world's first robotic bartender for your canine friends.

"I love dogs. Especially my own, Alex, and I love my product, Cecilia. So I thought to myself, why shouldn't I try and mix both?" tells Elad Kobi, CEO of Cecilia.ai.

The new product, simply named BarkTender.ai, features the same 3D avatar of the original Cecilia, and it's capable of making dozens of mocktails that canine friends would love, such as Mojidog, Puppyrinha, Dalmatini, Aperol Sit!, and much more. Cecilia's original AI-based recommendation system was tweaked and customized to Barktender.ai, which is now capable of fitting drinks to the dogs, by scanning and analyzing their size, age, noise moisture, and tail wagging speed - to find the healthiest and tastiest combination. 

The product's functionality is easy to understand and can be used even by untrained dogs. Furry friends simply need to put their bowl under the desired dispenser and tap on their favorite drink. Then, The BarkTender mixes the drink and pours it in less than 10 seconds into the bowl

While the original version of Cecilia.ai uses advanced voice-recognition abilities to get to know its human clients and help them order a drink, with their four-legged pals, things are a little more complicated. "Cecilia speaks and understands more than 40 languages, but there's still no solution for most of the barking and howling," says their head of development, Ido Yaffe. "However, our system can detect when a canine is sitting next to the machine and make it a drink automatically, or have them pick their own favorite, using our paw-friendly touchscreen." 

Cecilia.ai plans to roll out BarkTender.ai in the U.S. later this year and hopes that this product will boost a new trend of robots for pets, with more products already in the making such as an automatic petting machine, a robotic dog walker, and a voice assistant for parrots. Stay tuned.

About Cecilia.ai

Cecilia.ai is the world's first interactive robotic bartender, customized for every business and event. Powered by conversational AI and voice recognition abilities, Cecilia is not your typical bartender. She makes delicious mocktails crafted by acclaimed mixologists, chats with customers, tells jokes, promotes your brand, and provides an unforgettable experience to new and returning visitors. Cecilia grants businesses valuable customer data, a unique groundbreaking attraction for visitors, and a new way to advertise and stand out.

For more information, please contact Nir Cohen-Paraira at nir@cecilia.ai

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