FunEasyLearn Launched Learn Languages Smartphone App for 34 Different Languages


Language learners worldwide can now learn a diverse selection of European, Asian and African languages in their preferred languages, thanks to FunEasyLearn’s latest Smartphone apps which come with 9000-word vocabulary for each language.

FunEasyLearn, a leading e-learning technology company, recently launched a comprehensive language learning app. The Smartphone app, aptly named as "Learn Languages," is an amalgamation of two of most successful apps, namely Learn Languages 6000 Words and Learn Languages 5000 Phrases, that the company had rolled out before. The new alphabet app has reading rules available for all the top five most spoken European languages, the owners of FunEasyLearn conveyed.

Users can now literally enjoy the features of four different language learning apps blended into one, play vocabulary games and learn any language within a short period of time. The owners stated that new learners can now read any new word in the language they wish to learn using the built-in reading rules. Beginners can learn up to 4,000 new rods and advanced learners can master the 5,000 Phrasebook that comes with the app and foster their communication skills.  

“Although technology now makes learning any of the major languages of the world a cakewalk, we feel that there’s still dearth of good online language courses. This is why we merged three of our most commercially successful apps to make language learning an easy job for new learners. Everyone using our app can start with learning the alphabets, then learn the vocabulary and learn how to speak different languages fluently within a few days,” said Andrian Andronic, one of the top executives of FunEasyLearn.

According to the executive, the key features of the newly launched app are visual vocabulary with illustrations for each word, free subscription with an option for users to collect ‘flower points’ to access all the features for free, search mode, 54 language courses etc.

“We would keep developing our existing language learning courses. At the same time, we will also improve our contents, features, rewards and levels so that the FunEasyLearn app can become the top language learning app in the near future,” stated Andrian Andronic. 

About the company

FunEasyLearn is an e-learning app development company.  

To know more, visit, "Learn Languages - FunEasyLearn" on Google Play or "Learn Languages - FunEasyLearn" on App Store.    

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