FundApps Brings Free Sanctions Data to Investment Managers

A new sanctions data product designed to help Compliance Managers avoid that OFAC moment.

Market-leading RegTech provider FundApps today announced the launch of a new service to provide free Sanctions Data to Investment Managers.

Recognising the frustration associated with navigating sanctions and the impact it can have on winning new mandates, FundApps have introduced an accurate, quick and budget-friendly method to check investments against sanctions. 

Unfortunately, for those without a solution in place, managing sanctions is no longer easy. Managers face everything from a geopolitical maelstrom to regulatory scrutiny to anxious investors. Sanctions data is tricky to match against investments and parsing complex sanctions lists can feel like decrypting the Rosetta Stone.

Gone are the days of relying on counterparties for validation and manually checking sanctions data. FundApps now offers a free database of Entity Sanctions Data to enable managers to create the controls necessary to satisfy their investors and regulatory guidance. Say goodbye to significant costs, risk and time involved in the process; say hello to automation, renewed sanity and soaring investor confidence.

In direct response to the Ukraine crisis, FundApps is offering open access to Entity Sanctions data. This service is free and available to all investors who require access.

"It's a sensitive political landscape and there is a widespread focus on sanctions amongst investors. This is a crucial period where managers need to be proactive and provide assurance. Our product is free where others are expensive; we're offering an intuitive solution to a sticky manual process, with plans to grow iteratively." - Bethan Watson, Product Manager.

Users of our Sanctions Data service can quickly and easily search for a sanctioned issuer and for those who require more automation. Sanctions Alerts brings positions data and rules together to proactively notify users of any sanctioned issuers.

At FundApps, we want to make compliance simple. Reach out to us here and subscribe for Sanctions Data free today.

About FundApps:

Since 2010, FundApps has been committed to making compliance simple. With a vast rule library and a dedicated in-house legal and regulatory team, FundApps enables compliance teams to respond more efficiently to regulatory change, increase certainty and reduce complexity in the compliance process.

With offices in London, New York and Singapore, the company monitors over US$14 trillion in client assets with 1000+ users from compliance teams at asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and banks around the world. To learn more, visit

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Name: Liam Driscoll, Marketing Manager at FundApps


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