Fulton Books Author Patricia Baker's New Book 'Nona's Whistle' is a Fascinating Picture Book That Inspires Children to Be Kind to Nature and the Birds

Patricia Baker is an outstanding educator for 38 years, a county school board member, an incredible wife and mother. She has completed her most recent book "Nona's Whistle":  a fun and exciting adventure that centers around Nona and her connection to birds. Narrated from the viewpoint of her seven-year-old grandchild, Ryo, the little girl unrolls the great adventure that her Nona had not long ago. Nona established a connection with the birds that she's been feeding with peanuts on the patio. She calls them every day by whistling. But what will happen when Nona falls ill and loses her ability to whistle?

Baker shares, "Nona's Whistle is a little adventure story. It is a true story mostly about nature and beautiful birds. Nona fed the birds, and together they learn about being curious and trusting. In the story, Nona includes a big dose of problem-solving when it comes to calling her feathered friends! Join Nona in her adventure to find out who helped her find her whistle! You'll be happy you did and surprised to discover the answer!"

Published by Fulton Books, Patricia Baker's book is a simple yet sweet story showing deep care for the lives of animals. It is a good resource for toddlers and children to familiarize different kinds of birds. Moreover, teaches them how to overcome a sudden problem.

Readers who wish to experience this work can purchase "Nona's Whistle" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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