Fulton Books Author Gerry Hill's New Book 'Parkinson's: Life Lessons Five Years Into the Journey' is an Insightful Journal in the Life of a Parkinson's Patient

Gerry Hill, a husband, a father, and a full-time educator, has completed his most recent book "Parkinson's: Life Lessons Five Years into the Journey": a biographical diary about a man with Parkinson's disease. He shares knowledge and understanding of the disease; but most especially, gives awareness that it is not a hindrance to success and living a wonderful journey. 

Hill shares, "At age forty-eight, my life changed dramatically when I received my diagnosis of early onset Parkinson's disease. How could this be possible? I'm not an old man! This diagnosis has placed me at the starting line of a difficult journey. Looking back at the first five years of my Parkinson's life, I can see a bit more clearly now how this all came together. I have learned about the disease, but I have also, more importantly, learned from the disease. This book is my story of how my diagnosis was reached and how I started on my Parkinson's journey. I have learned many lessons along the way, and I have passed along my most important discoveries in this book. It is my hope that those who read it will get a better perspective of the daily life of a Parkinson's patient as well as see that successes can be reached along the way. Enjoy the journey!"

Published by Fulton Books, Gerry Hill's book is an inspirational material that gives insights to readers of a life with Parkinson's disease and encourages everyone that not even diseases can be an obstacle to living a rewarding life and achieving one's goals.

This book also navigates the struggles and difficulties of having Parkinson's disease and allows everyone to appreciate life all the more. With the determination to win in life, small victories are a celebration of a Parkinson's patient.

Readers who wish to experience this motivational work can purchase "Parkinson's: Life Lessons Five Years into the Journey" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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