Fully Loaded Electronics Releases Its Favorite Charities of 2020 List for the Holidays

Bringing the joy of gaming

Every year just prior to the holidays, Oprah comes out with her list of favorite things. It's a carefully curated list of Oprah-approved items that she is sure will please anyone on your gift list. While many ooh and ahh over items on the list, Fully Loaded Electronics felt one item was noticeably absent...

A donation has been made in your name... 

Charities across the globe are hurting. The very services people rely on in times of crisis are feeling a pinch that they may have never felt before, with over 1/2 projecting decreases in fundraising totals this year. Fewer resources with fewer volunteers coupled with the inability to hold in-person fundraisers have crippled the fundraising opportunities of non-profits across the world.   

A gift from the heart, not a shopping cart. 

As we all struggle to remain connected with family and friends and keep the spirit of the holiday season alive, a gift with a ripple effect is one that will be remembered.   

Fully Loaded Electronics (FLE) provides entertainment, connection and joy to hospital patients through gaming. Video games provide essential connection, entertainment and distraction, lifting the spirits of a sick child and their family. 

If gaming has made a positive impact on your life, a donation to the charities below might be what gives you all the feels this holiday season. These charities generously give video gaming devices to children and adults when they need it most. FLE is proud to work with charities in this space for 10+ years and are happy to present Fully Loaded's Favorite Charities of 2020:  

Child's Play Charity - Play Games, Feel Better. 
Child's Play improves the lives of children through the power of play. They are dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their network of over 185 hospitals worldwide. FLE takes the donated consoles from Child's Play and loads them with games while providing tech support to ensure a smooth experience.  
Donate: http://childsplaycharity.org/donate  

Gamers Outreach - Helping Others Level up. 
The enthusiastic staff at Gamers Outreach are firm believers that the world is a better place when kids can play. And FLE agrees. Their Project GO Kart provides bedside recreation for children who are unable to leave their hospital rooms. FLE has partnered with Gamers Outreach to increase the availability of GO Karts to hospitals and to help source hardware and software to keep their work moving forward.  
Donate: https://gamersoutreach.org/donate/ 

Make-A-Wish - Bring joy back into a child's life.  
Make-A-Wish creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Wishes vary, but their impact is always massive. With travel restricted, many medically fragile kiddos have canceled their travel wishes and instead want video games. Wish Coordinators from across the country call FLE to find and deliver preloaded gaming systems (even retro devices) to fulfill a wish. 
Donate: wish.org/donate   

StackUp - Combating Veteran Suicide Through Gaming. 
Veterans are their mission; gaming is their passion. StackUp is a military charity supporting active and veteran service members by promoting positive mental health and combating veteran suicide through gaming and geek culture. FLE proudly assists in sourcing a variety of gaming systems and accessories for StackUp's Hundred Heroes and monthly supply crates.  
Donate: www.stackup.org/donate 

GetUsPPE.org - Get donated PPE to those who need it most..  
GetUsPPE.org is addressing the PPE shortage with a sense of urgency and equity using innovative data technology to distribute PPE for those most in danger of contracting COVID 19. There are still shortages of PPE in many places, and GetUsPPE.org is raising funds and collecting donated PPE to serve the hospitals and clinics that are still in need. While this need is critical, FLE and their PPE partners will continue to support GetUsPPE.org.   
Donate: https://getusppe.org/donate/ 

There is no shortage of charities to support this year. But for gamers wanting to make sure that every child and adult has the ability to connect when they need it most, consider donating to these great organizations.  

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Source: Fully Loaded Electronics