Full Time Twitch Streamer and Army Veteran Emery Pan Gives Back to the Community by Sending Troops Home for the Holidays

Army Veteran, Emery Pan, started flipping real estate while on active duty serving in the 82nd Airborne. Now a civilian, she continues to invest in real estate and expanding her business while supporting her veteran community. Knowing how hard some veterans have it after the military, she purposely tries to hire veterans for her rehab projects and annually opens her house to welcome veterans with no place to go for the Holiday. Now a full-time Twitch Partner, her community is largely veteran based, finding humor and camaraderie by gaming and battling online demons to distract from internal demons.

Three years ago, she started the idea of using her own money to sponsor trips for active duty members to go home for the end of year Holidays. In the first year, she gave away 8 round trip tickets, with the help of local business sponsorships. The second year, she gave away 4 round trip tickets using her own money. In 2020, the world is suffering from an unprecedented health and financial crisis and she has been very blessed that her online business and real estate business continues to thrive. Having had her own fair share of 2020 obstacles, she feels it is more important than ever to give back to her community and to help them find peace as this year ends and a new one dawns. That’s why she has teamed up this year with two of her fellow business partners, fellow veteran Stephanie Pilipovich and current Army specialist Krista Vazquez, these ladies wish to give away 10 round trip tickets home to active duty service members. It is their hope that by providing this small amount of assistance, they can help other service members who have not been as blessed during these times. They call upon other veterans and service members who have been blessed with economic success to give back to the veteran and active duty community to support those their brothers and sisters whom they understand all too well. They feel it is their duty to support those who still stand the watch, and are honored to continue to serve in their own way.

More details and entries can be found on her website www.EmeryPan.com​.

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