Full House Remodeling Company Adopted Discount Pricing Strategy for Faster Customer Acquisition

Recently, the company adopted a discount pricing model for faster customer acquisition.

Full House Remodeling, a general remodeling Houston, aims to provide the best home remodeling and kitchen remodeling services to the customers looking maintain, repair and upgrade their homes. The company, which specializes in repairing, installing and remodeling doors, windows, roofs, bathrooms, kitchen, landscapes and many more, recently adopted a penetration pricing model for faster customer acquisition in Houston, Texas. The home remodeling company is offering a flat discount for the first time customers.

The home remolding Houston service providers claim to have licensed and highly trained professionals, who, with wholesome dedication and commitment, deliver exactly what the customer needs.

One senior executive said at the press release, “One factor which differentiates us from other remodeling companies is that we treat each and every customer with greatest care and dedication. We are a local company and we realize the requirements of a house owner and while we remodel their home, we strive to give them the best experience. This time we have come up with a remarkable offer of 10% flat discount on our services for the first time customers.”

He added, “Our technicians are licensed, insured as well as separately trained and they have all the necessary experience to proffer the best possible service and a friendly customer service throughout. Our company is open 24/7.”

The CEO added, “At Full House Remodeling, we believe that a home is a mirror image of the people and their lives living in it. We have our own set of ideas and values and we take in our customer’s viewpoint too, and with the help of our talented and committed craftsmen try to deliver the best possible experience. We are simply passionate about delivering the most outstanding, flawless and impeccable experience. And now that we are giving out a 10% discount for the first timers, we are hopeful that more and more homeowners will partner with our Houston contractors.”

About the Company

Full House Remodeling is a locally owned and operated company in Houston, Texas, specializing in repairing, installing and remodeling doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, landscapes within short turnarounds.

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