Fueling Dynamic Leaders: Training the Next Generation of Athletes

USA Olympian Angela Hucles and Pro Sports Dietitian Meg Mangano Set New Precedence in Training Today's Student Athlete

Fueling Dynamic Leaders

Today’s young athletes are living a different lifestyle than most who came before them. New technology, accessibility of information, and higher competition in the classroom and on the playing field presents a broader set of challenges. For many young athletes seeking athletic scholarships, the stress levels can seem insurmountable. Fueling Dynamic Leaders is an over-due training program designed for the millennial and pre-millennial athlete. The online course provides student athletes with the tools to help them reach their goals by helping them understand and manage their nutrition, improve mental aspects of their game and help them become better leaders on and off the field.

Founded by two-time Olympic gold medal winner Angela Hucles and professional sports dietitian Meg Mangano, Fueling Dynamic Leaders is a unique 6-week online educational program that focuses on sports nutrition and leadership. These two 'dynamic leaders' combined their expertise and knowledge to form one of the more creative courses available to young athletes today. Through specialized video modules and personalized methods, Fueling Dynamic Leaders gives students tools that they will take with them through high school, college and beyond.

We designed Fueling Dynamic Leaders to compliment and enhance the technical and tactical aspects that coaches are already implementing within their own programs.

Angela Hucles, 2-Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner

"We created Fueling Dynamic Leaders based on the tools and information we wish we had when we were kids, but also keeping in mind the new challenges presented to young athletes today," says Mangano, who is a former NCAA Division I Lacrosse All-American. "It's very exciting for us to be able to bring this information to young athletes in hopes of helping them achieve a higher level of performance at a faster rate."

An important feature for young athletes is the "follow-at-your-own-speed" format. Because it's an online course, athletes complete the program anytime and anywhere. This format also allows coaches and parents the opportunity to participate and follow along with their young athletes' progress.

"I know from experience how hard coaches work to give their players personal attention," adds Hucles, who played nine years of professional soccer with the U.S. Women's National Team. "However, because youth coaches are so strapped for time, it's not always easy or attainable. We designed Fueling Dynamic Leaders to compliment and enhance the technical and tactical aspects that coaches are already implementing within their own programs. This is what makes Fueling Dynamic Leaders different from any training program out there and what I’m most excited about."

Fueling Dynamic Leaders explores topics such as: "Nourishing the Athlete and Leader Within"; "Being Your Best in Any Environment"; "Getting Game Ready," and more.

Other features include:

·       6-week video series

·       Personal workbook with reflective questions and calls-to-action

·       Members-only community, including a personalized Facebook group

·       Coach's training manual

·       Bonus videos featuring leading sports and wellness experts

·       And more!

Not only does Fueling Dynamic Leaders help young athletes on the field, it challenges them to reach their potential in real-world environments. Hucles and Mangano view Fueling Dynamic Leadership as a way for student athletes to become educated about their own nutrition, wellness and developing leadership skills – helping them be the best version of themselves on and off the field.

For more information on the Fueling Dynamic Leaders program, visit FuelingDynamicLeaders.com.

About Fueling Dynamic Leaders
Fueling Dynamic Leaders is a sports nutrition, leadership and wellness program designed specifically for high school and college age athletes. Founded by Angela Hucles and Meg Mangano, Fueling Dynamic Leaders presents a unique online program that provides the tools to support a healthy lifestyle through proper nutritional, physical and mental training. Connect with Fueling Dynamic Leaders on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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