FTV Academy Signs Partnership Agreement With Excalibur Union

In November 2017, FTV Academy signed a strategic partnership with Excalibur Union, for the purpose of venturing into the field of nurturing, training and management of artistes.

The two entertainment juggernauts will use their collaborative efforts and expertise to develop the artiste management arm of Excalibur Union to meet the rising need for new artistes due to a surge in global demand for video content.

Erskine Robertson, CEO of Excalibur Union said, “With FTV Academy, we will be scouting for young talents across Asia and gather them there, where we will train them in various crafts such as acting, singing and modeling. Most importantly, we will hone their proficiency in the English language so that they can compete with the best in the world.”

On this partnership, Charles Carlyle Grubbs, CEO of FTV Academy commented, “We are delighted to be partnering with Excalibur Union. Excalibur Union has an unrivaled track record of utilizing current global market trends and technology to bring exceptional value to both their investors and strategic partners. They have always delivered and achieved tremendous results in any sector that they chose to venture into, and I believe they are off to a great start in the entertainment sector. Excalibur Union’s team of experienced professionals will work closely with FTV Academy in the development and talent acquisition process to ensure success in our endeavors.”

Source: FTV Academy

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