Ft Worth Manufacturer and Arkansas Retailer Team Up to Launch New Bed-in-a-Box Mattress

A new player has arrived in the world of online mattresses called The RiteBed™

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A new player has arrived in the world of online mattresses called The RiteBed™ - the product of a partnership that involves Ft. Worth based mattress manufacturer Sleeptronic and Arkansas based mattress retailer Bedding Mart. Officials with both companies want consumers to know that The RiteBed™ is “more than just another mattress in a box.” The two companies have invested nearly two years in research and development to deliver what they believe to be the most feature-rich, American-made, quick order and setup mattress, packaged to ship “Rite” to your door.

“The RiteBed™ offers more features and benefits – more technology – than any other Bed-In-A-Box,” notes Brad Jordan, RiteBed™ CEO. The RiteBed™ comes in two distinct versions and incorporates the highest quality materials that deliver outstanding comfort in an attractive design.  The first version is an all foam mattress with comfort and support layers that deliver distinct performance features. The second is a hybrid mattress utilizing the same specialty comfort layers, positioned above a fabric wrapped spring. The all foam version is ideal for consumers who enjoy the experience of sleeping “in their mattress,” where the comfort and support layers cradle the body. The Hybrid version of The RiteBed™ is designed to appeal to consumers who like to sleep more “on top of their mattress,” while experiencing significant pressure relief. “We’re excited about delivering an affordable, easy to-purchase mattress that’s comfortable and which can help people improve their overall quality of life.”

The fact that the RiteBed™ comes in two different versions automatically sets it apart from most of the major online mattress companies, many of whom only offer one product for consumers. When compared to purchasing a mattress at a mattress store, The RiteBed™ delivers comfort and quality as an affordable alternative to experiencing high-pressure sales tactics often found in mattress and furniture stores.

“We operate a chain of stores – and the in-store environment is a good choice for some consumers. However, today’s consumers are moving online in a major way, so we partnered with our top supplier Sleeptronic to develop a product line that shop-at-home customers will love,” said Jordan. The Jordan family operates more than a dozen mattress stores across a three-state area.

Sleeptronic is a family owned mattress manufacturer that operates a 200,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Ft. Worth, TX, which manufactures more than 1,000 mattresses a day. The mattresses they manufacture are offered for sale in leading furniture and mattress stores, are featured in hotels and motels, and are increasingly finding their way online.

“Our advanced manufacturing capabilities produce products that are designed to appeal to a broad range of consumers, with a focus on delivering exceptional values. We’re on top of industry trends and as such are honored to be chosen to manufacture the RiteBed™. These new RiteBed™ mattresses feature industry leading product features that will deliver real benefits for consumers,” notes Anthony Klatt, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sleeptronic.

Both versions of the RiteBed™ feature the RiteTouch™ Cozy Cover which quickly wicks away moisture away from your body, along with the RiteFlow™ Spacer Panel that utilizes 3D fabric technology to create a side border up to 10 times more breathable so consumers will sleep cool and dry. The RiteBed™ contains only flexible polyurethane foams inside that meet CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and that have been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

Built to deliver deep undisturbed sleep, the 11 inch RiteBed™ all foam mattress features RiteConform™ Memory Foam for proper spinal alignment and pressure relief while RiteSupport™ Gel-infused Latex cools, cradles and supports your body.

In addition to the performance layers available in the all foam version, at 12 inches, The RiteBed™ Hybrid also features the RiteCoil™, the Combi-Zone® encased coil, which provides strategically placed comfort zones for superior hip, back and shoulder support.  

Both versions are available in all standard mattress sizes for purchase starting today at http://theritebed.com. A comprehensive features and benefits chart is available on The RiteBed™ website that shows how The RiteBed™ compares to other major mattress companies who sell their products online.

The RiteBed™ is a 100 percent American-made mattress that is delivered in a box directly to the purchaser’s front door. “We are thrilled to have chosen a US manufacturer to make The RiteBed™. Supporting American manufacturers has always been an important part of our business philosophy for our stores.  We work with consumers every day in our stores and have more than 25 years of experience in helping consumers find the Rite mattress,” notes Jordan. “Unlike some other online mattress companies that have never actually worked with consumers up close and one on one, we have that experience – and it is that experience that has shaped the products we’re now offering to consumers where many shop today – online,” Jordan said.

The RiteBed™ ships at no charge via UPS or FedEx straight to a customer's door within 2-5 business days. Many competing products are sourced from factories located overseas and may experience a 3-4 month or more delay between manufacturing in China, transport via container ship, shipment in semi-trucks to distribution centers, and eventual delivery to a customer’s home. In comparison, The RiteBed™ arrives fresh from a U.S. factory, usually within a week or less from the day it was boxed. The RiteBed™ also offers a 10-year warranty and amazing 120 night, risk-free in-home trial, backed by a 100% money back guarantee.  

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The RiteBed™ delivers comfort and quality delivered "Rite" to your door. It includes a 10 year warranty and amazing 120 night, risk-free in-home trial. The RiteBed™ is 100 percent American-made.

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