Frontline Wildfire Defense Launches New Mobile App for Wildfire Preparedness and Protection

The New Consumer App Expands the Frontline Wildfire Defense Platform™ By Providing Homeowners Comprehensive Wildfire Safety Information in Near Real-Time

Frontline Wildfire Defense Mobile App

Frontline Wildfire Defense, an industry-leading wildfire protection company that's been serving homeowners living in wildfire-prone areas since 2017, today announced the launch of its new mobile app that offers consumers access to comprehensive wildfire information in near real-time. The free app is available on iOS and Android and serves as a one-stop shop for wildfire monitoring, preparedness, and protection. The app integrates into the Frontline Wildfire Defense Platform™ for homeowners and is equipped with features including wildfire maps, preparation checklists, evacuation warnings, user-generated emergency contact groups that enable communication during wildfire evacuation, and many other important on-demand features.

"The Frontline mobile app delivers critical information for safely navigating wildfire before, during, and after a wildfire event," said Harry Statter, founder and CEO of Frontline Wildfire Defense. "The Frontline app is extremely valuable before and during wildfire season because it is an easy-to-use interface that allows homeowners living in wildfire-prone areas to stay informed, educated, and prepared for wildfire." 

In addition to its mobile app, Frontline pioneered the Frontline Wildfire Defense System, an IoT-connected exterior home sprinkler system that defends homeowners' property and its surroundings during a wildfire. Combined with the mobile app, Frontline is the only company providing a comprehensive platform that prepares, monitors, and protects homes against wildfires. Frontline system owners can use the new mobile app to remotely control their exterior sprinkler system, even if they have evacuated their home, providing firefighter-level protection without the need for firefighter boots on the ground. In the last two wildfire seasons, Frontline has had over 1,000 new customer activations and has protected over $400 million in home value from wildfires in California. 

The Frontline mobile app is now available to download through the app store or on Google Play. For more information about Frontline's new mobile app, visit

About Frontline Wildfire Defense 

Founded by Harry Statter, an expert in the field of fire ecology, in 2017, Frontline Wildfire Defense is committed to protecting homes, families, and communities from wildfire disaster. The Frontline Wildfire Defense Platform™ empowers homeowners to prepare for wildfire, monitor fires near their home, and defend their home during a wildfire event with Frontline's exterior sprinkler solution. The Frontline Mobile App provides comprehensive wildfire safety information in near real-time and is available for free on iOS and Android. For more information about Frontline and its new mobile app, visit

Source: Frontline Wildfire Defense