From Shiraz, With Love Exhibit

Art Exhibit from Iran in Washington, DC, at the Syra Arts Gallery, 1054 31st Street NW, #A, Canal Square, Washington, D.C., 20007, May 11th - May 15th, 2017

Locks and Lions #4

SYRA Arts and White Lily Arts, with the support of AFTAB Committee, are pleased to present Part II of "From Shiraz, With Love." The first exhibition was unveiled for the first time in the US last October at the Syra Arts Gallery. Shiraz continues to be the inspiration and homeland to some of the most celebrated artists in modern-day Iran. The diverse artworks of five Shiraz-based artists uncover the extraordinary creative impulses of contemporary art in Shiraz, and offer viewers unique insight into the culture of art in Iran.

Featured artists include Hasan Golbon, Mahsa Roosta, Ismael Cheshrokh, Najmeh Pourshojai, Mohammad Akbari, Farzad Hassanzadeh, Saeed Gholami, Alireza Bahrani, and Behrooz Moslemi. While the works of these talented artists reflect the most recent achievements in contemporary art, they also follow the historical developments of Iranian art with intelligence and passion.

These innovative artists invite us to think about the art scene in Iran but outside Tehran. Their art is about who they are, what happened to them, and how it affected their message to their country and to the world. This exhibit highlights their triumphs and struggles as artists and I hope it will stimulate and enhance dialogue between different peoples and cultures on various levels.

Shahrooz Shekaraubi, Founder of Aftab Committee

Cultural identity and ethnic distinction are under the magnifying lens more than ever before. Recent developments on the political scene in the United States, targeting and restricting specific groups, have had an important effect on the art world. From Shiraz, With Love is an exhibition curated with absolute faith that art and culture have the ability to educate and to promote cultural awareness — and that their free exchange between nations has a profound effect on getting societies and individuals closer together. Luckily, works in this exhibition were transported to the US before the bans imposed by the current US administration; otherwise, this important art show would have been more difficult and risky to organize.

SYRA Arts has been promoting contemporary Middle Eastern and Iranian art and artists in the United States since 2011. SYRA provides a glimpse into the depth and diversity of contemporary art in the region by showcasing the works of artists from different generations in a wide range of artistic mediums.

White Lily Arts is a company that focuses on empowering underrepresented artists.

The Aftab Committee is a non-profit organization that supports Iranian-American artists and their works. By raising awareness, promoting education, and facilitating various events and exhibits, Aftab aims to increase public consciousness and appreciation of Iranian-American artists.

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Source: Syra Arts Gallery, Aftab Committee, White Lily Arts


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