From SF to Tokyo: MetaCher Brings the 'Prompt is Art' Concept to Tokyo With AI+I=All?

MetaCher's Refreshing Tokyo Solo Exhibition on AI and Human Imagination

/imagine...Prompt IS Art

Silicon Valley-based artist MetaCher recently closed /imagine… AI+I=All?, a solo exhibition that explored the role of AI prompts in generated images and their intrinsic relationship to the human mind. The exhibition ran in the ARTiX³ Gallery from June 27 to July 1, 2023. It is a poetic continuation of her current research—AI prompts as art—established during her previous New York exhibition, Prompt IS Art.

Like the concept of "the medium is the message" proposed by McLuhan, MetaCher said, "The unique medium of AI prompts have become this era's distinctive material, playing a crucial role in highlighting the interaction between humans and large-scale models."

/imagine…Prompt IS Art

MetaCher extended her exhibition from New York to Tokyo. The artwork features the "/imagine..." and includes the prompt from the early AI software Midjourney, representing the artist's understanding of the current era. The choice of the word "imagine" symbolizes the beginning of a shared imaginative era between humans and machines. The art installation contained screens, musical devices, projector, and a robotic arm, evoking a mysterious ritualistic atmosphere. In uniting them, these devices created an ensemble that sparked imagination and collaboration among the artist, viewers, and those behind the screens.

Donate Your Prompt

One of the groundbreaking artworks of the exhibition, Donate Your Prompt, combines prompts from MetaCher's previous exhibitions to form AI-generated videos. It absorbs real-time data—as viewers stand close to it and move, they see the prompts behind the visuals. An invisible but existent barrier is broken by bringing in the viewers; there is a sense of shared participation and ownership. Furthermore, the gallery's real-time atmospheric conditions inform the visuals. This complex work suggests that technology, when prompted by humans, can also perceive. MetaCher describes her inspiration for Donate Your Prompt as "our imagination for the future and our participation in the present."

/imagine...Touch the Future

This thought-provoking artwork sparks dialogue on the benefits and drawbacks of AI integration, encouraging critical engagement. Prompt words, circuit boards, and AI-generated artworks highlight their relevance. MetaCher emphasizes the vital role of prompts in guiding AI while emphasizing the importance of human imagination and participation. The creative process is valued as initial ideas hold their own beauty. 


During the exhibition, MetaCher shared her thoughts with visitors, alongside co-speaker Professor Jin from the College of Art at Nihon University. 

The art world has experienced an influx of AI art in recent years. However, MetaCher introduces an innovative perspective regarding AI in art and, more specifically, the role of human imagination and ingenuity in AI prompts. 

Source: MetaCher, artist

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