From Rock and Roll to Senior Living, Terrie Matthews Brings a 'Whole Lotta Love'

When she came to the Shepherd community in Pooler, Georgia, Terrie Matthews packed three important things: a big smile, a lifelong love of helping people and a healthy working knowledge of Led Zeppelin, The Supremes and AC/DC.

Yes, she’s a rocker. Well, more accurately, a singer. Originally from Nottinghamshire, England, which is famous for its proximity to Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, Matthews has been an entertainer for as long as she can remember. She’s also a lifelong doer – a passionately involved person who has been working with older adults since 2006. Today she serves as director of sales and marketing at Savannah Quarters, Shepherd’s new community in Pooler, which serves the broader Savannah region.

She doesn’t so much see what she’s doing as a job. She sees it as an opportunity to take part in a revolution – the Shepherd revolution in senior living, which is focused on creating communities where people can live the way they want – savoring the easy, free life they’ve earned.

“I truly love knowing that I help people on a daily basis,” said Matthews. “I am extremely excited about my new work with Shepherd Living at Savannah Quarters. We are going to change senior living in our area in a big way and I am proud to share Shepherd’s vision and family values.”

Residents are scheduled to start moving in on July 10.

“We have had a lot of interest because we are so different – Shepherd different,” Matthews said. “Our restaurant is a real restaurant – open all day to the community. The message is, we’re not separate, we are the community. There’s a full spa, tons of wellness classes, a dry and a wet sauna, a Jacuzzi, a plunge pool, greenhouses and courtyards, and it’s all on 10 beautiful acres. You walk into the homes here and it’s like, ‘Wow’ – stainless appliances, big windows, high ceilings, great kitchens and as little or as much care as you want, 24/7. I know a lot of our people will use Savannah Quarters as a launch point for their world travels, which I think is very cool.”

In addition, Pooler Physical Therapy will provide on-site services to Shepherd Living at Savannah Quarters residents, as well as serving the needs of the broader community of all ages.

Having worked at non-profit for years, Matthews said she has too often seen situations where clients were clinging to homes they could no longer take care of – and in some cases, they couldn’t take care of themselves. “This, on the other hand, is independence,” she said. “It’s recognizing what is going on and taking action. It’s keeping control of your life. I really promote that. We want you to be independent. We’re here to help you with the cleaning and doing the bed and laundry, so you can be free to pursue Life with a capital ‘L.’”

Robert Todd, general manager of Shepherd Living at Savannah Quarters, said he is delighted to have Matthews on board. "She has tremendous energy and, most importantly, a true passion for the well-being of the community,” he said. “She’s perfect for Shepherd: highly qualified and upbeat.”

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