From Now On, Even the World Cup Players Can Bet on Their Matches without Sanctions and Suspensions

An Innovative Game, "Bookie - World Championship 2014", Gives All Users, Even the World Cup Football Players, the Chance to Bet on Matches in Brazil

Bookie team members came up with the idea to turn sports betting from a form of gambling into a game available to everyone, even the professional football players, and that's how Bookie - World Championship 2014 became one of the company's major successes. The idea to implement the virtual currency and take the gambling for real money out of the sports betting showed to be the most ingenious move the world of mobile gaming has ever seen.

One of the project leaders said: "When we started creating Bookie, we wanted to make betting available to everyone. When we took the gambling part out of betting, we turned it into a fun game that allowed even the professional football players to bet on their matches without being suspended. Some of the players playing in the 2014 World Cup even called to thank us for allowing them to enjoy predicting football results of matches in Brazil".

Bookie - World Championship 2014 mixes reality with the virtual world. It consists of betting on real World Cup matches, with odds provided by world's most famous professional bookmakers, but instead of using real money, players use virtual money to place their bets. With the live score section, and personalized tables, Bookie is the most realistic simulation of a betting shop, with the only difference in being available to everyone.

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Bookie-World Championship 2014 allows free soccer betting on all World Championship soccer matches in Brazil - anytime, anywhere, and without any money losses!