From Medium Boobs, to No Boobs, to....Oh My God! I Can't Feel My Boobs! New Book Release!

A Bold, Detailed, and Emotional Look at the Battles of Breast Cancer, loss of family, tragedy, victory, and the testing of faith.

Michelle J. Perzan

Katy, TX author and speaker Michelle Perzan has published and launched a beautiful and emotion challenging story about her walk through breast cancer. She details the loss of family, testing of her faith, and wraps up with an overwhelming sense of encouragement and joy!

Strength in My Storm: Faith and Breast Cancer is an inspiring and deeply exposed inside look at the struggles and challenges one faces during the battle of breast cancer and life. Michelle walks us through her experiences, and emotions in a way that makes you feel like you are seeing it with your eyes, and feeling it with your heart. You'll cry, hurt, laugh, celebrate, be encouraged and learn with her as she takes you through her journey.

"Strength in My Storm is not just a book about coping with breast cancer. My goal was to be vulnerable, and real about several details that most people don't want to talk about, but need to know. I wrote my story in hopes of impacting other men and women to show that with faith, a smile, and gratefulness that you can get through any storm that comes your way."

Michelle Perzan, Author of Strength in My Storm: Faith and Breast Cancer

Michelle wrote this book to share her story of how she found strength in her storm so that she can help you find strength in whatever storm you may be going through. Whether that storm is financial woes, loss of loved ones, or any battle whatsoever, her ambition is to reach you, help you, lift you, encourage you, and show you that with a smile, positive attitude, starting from a place of gratefulness, and leaning on your faith that you can overcome anything!

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Michelle Perzan is a breast cancer survivor and has written a book sharing her journey of how she found strength by leaning on her strength, positive attitude and a thankful heart.

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