From Back Pain to Hope Gain With New Zone Technique at Diamond Chiropractic

Chiropractor Bob Nilles heals patients beyond physical recovery.

Dr Robert Nilles

​Chronic back pain can be debilitating and life-altering. People suffering from back-related issues don’t have to live the rest of their lives in pain or on medication.

Omaha Chiropractor Bob Nilles knows this first-hand.

Twice he experienced hopelessness that can follow extreme back pain and twice a chiropractor was able to get him walking again.

Dr. Nilles’ ability to sympathize with others and his core belief in recovery ultimately led him to open Diamond Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

His practice includes 25 years of chiropractic and 19 years of acupuncture experience.

“When people come into my office they’re getting knocked down every day … Pain has a huge correlation with negativism, so you have to be positive and counteract that.”

Back pain is a common condition that people can experience at any point in their lives. Whether it is a child who played too hard, an adult leaning over their desk, a slip and fall accident or a genetic condition, persistent back pain can lead to further pain and injury.

It’s not always a physical issue that leads to back pain. Dr. Nilles prides himself on connecting with his patients on a level beyond physical pain.

“Chronic stress and tension will always create physical problems; the more you think about them it will manifest itself physically,” he said.

Acute pain that gets progressively worse can become a chronic condition, which can disrupt daily routines.

The professional and compassionate team at Diamond Chiropractic is exceptional when it comes to healing back pain by providing a drug-free alternative to healthcare and rehabilitation as a natural pain relief technique.

The services offered cover chiropractic care, acupuncture, auto accident techniques and prenatal services.

“Every one of us wants to express ourselves the best we possibly can, and in order to do that I have to figure out how to get this person out of pain,” Nilles said.

Once the cause of a patient’s condition is determined, various treatments are discussed regarding how to best regain mobility, increase circulation, relieve pain and improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

At Diamond Chiropractic the patient’s overall health, along with decreasing the chances of developing back pain and any of its symptoms, are top priorities.

“You want to plant an image with the expectation of getting better into their minds using careful wording,” he said. “You ask the patients to be aware of getting better.”

Dr. Nilles sees every visit as a performance where he must do his best to understand and educate to truly get them better.

“We always want the patient to get better, period,” Nilles said. “I know I’m only as good as my last adjustment.”

Diamond Chiropractic & Acupuncture is located in Westwood Plaza at 12411 W Center Road, Suite 105 in Omaha. New patients are currently being accepted. To make an appointment call (402) 505-4414.

Source: Diamond Chiropractic


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