Friends of Lowell Foundation Demands Immediate Restoration of Academic Admissions at Lowell High School

Court filing requires immediate relief in face of Board of Education actions

The Friends of Lowell Foundation on Friday filed a Writ of Mandate in California Superior Court to reverse the San Francisco Board of Education resolution that seeks to eliminate academic admissions at Lowell High School.

The February resolution violated the California Brown Act, the United States and California constitutions, and the Board's own rules and procedures, according to the filing. The Friends of Lowell Foundation is joined by the Lowell Alumni Association and the Asian American Legal Foundation in this new court filing.

"Lowell High School is a public treasure that has provided generations of San Franciscans with a pathway to a better life, and eliminating academic admissions most of all hurts poor and underrepresented students," said Christine Linnenbach, Friends of Lowell attorney and a co-counsel in the litigation. "We are hopeful that the Court will grant injunctive relief and show that children still count in the city we love."

"This filing for an injunction follows months of dedicated, tireless work by the legal team assembled by Friends of Lowell," said Lee Cheng, who heads the Friends of Lowell legal committee. "We are pleased and delighted that the Lowell Alumni Association has joined in the effort to enjoin the Board of Education's hasty vote."

The filing follows several recent events that have drawn national attention to the San Francisco Board of Education. A recent Superior Court decision repudiates the Board's resolution to cover up murals of George Washington. The Board backed off its school-renaming decision, which nevertheless resulted in a court order to award attorneys' fees to defense counsel. Former Board Vice President Alison Collins drew calls to resign following a series of racially controversial tweets unearthed earlier this year.

The Board has managed the school budgets into a deficit of more than $116 million. Fed-up San Franciscans have now qualified a recall of Collins, Board President Gabriela Lopez and Commissioner Faauuga Moliga for a Feb. 15 special election.

"We ask for nothing more than high-quality schools for our children. This filing will protect Lowell for future generations, so that San Francisco can continue to be a world-class destination for people of every background," said Cheng.


The Friends of Lowell Foundation is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status pending formed in 2021 to make academic merit-based public education available to as many children in San Francisco as possible. More information and donation opportunities can be found at and

Source: Friends of Lowell Foundation