FriendMedia Inc. Announces Partnership With Applebee's Mexico

FriendMedia Digital Signage Solution is excited to announce its partnership with Applebee's Mexico. They will be the exclusive provider of digital signage on their selected Applebee's Mexico Location.

FriendMedia Inc., a digital signage solution company offering software and hardware, is excited to announce its partnership with Applebee’s Mexico Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurant. FriendMedia will be the exclusive provider of digital signages for a select number of Applebee’s Mexico locations with the intention to slowly ramp up over the next several months ahead.

Applebee’s is a well known American restaurant chain founded in 1980s. It is famous for casual dining serving mainstream American dishes like salads, chicken, shrimps, pasta and their signature dish “riblets”. Aside from these classic dishes, Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar is a renowned watering hole and a place for social convergence.

FriendMedia, Inc. is recognized to be the most reseller friendly digital signage solution available in the market today offering an easy-to-use solution complemented by their on-demand stellar customer service. FriendMedia prides itself on offering a simple-to-use, cost-effective solution for high end communication and advertising using the FriendMedia’s bento box and software.

FriendMedia Inc. will offer the ideal digital signage solution for Applebee’s Mexico with a user-friendly platform that lends itself well to a forward-thinking and creative marketing team supported by new exclusive distribution partner IMI Systems Group.  

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