Fresh Tech Maid Releases a Free Spring Cleaning Ebook to Help People Wipe Away Germs

Make sure your home is properly cleaned and sanitized with this free ebook from one of the top maid services in Chicago.

A Fresh Tech Maid

Fresh Tech Maid is a top-rated maid service in Chicago that has shown time and time again that they truly care for their clients. Last month, they provided free flu buster cleanings to help their clients fight the flu season. Plus, they regularly work with Gilda’s club to provide cancer patients with free monthly cleanings to aid them during their time of hardship.

The spring season is quickly approaching, which means it is time to spring clean. Although Fresh Tech Maid is a business that wants people to choose them during this time, they understand that not everyone is able to hire a maid service. Therefore, they are releasing their spring cleaning secrets in a completely free new spring cleaning Ebook. Read and download the Ebook here:

This is not an average spring cleaning ebook. It contains more cleaning secrets than the normal cleaning book. Not only does the book provide the steps to clean a home in the most efficient way, it also gives a list of the best chemical free supplies to use to ensure the home is clean and sanitized.

It also provides a Fresh Tech Maid’s signature sequence, so the cleaning time is as efficient as possible. Fresh Tech Maid often deals with clients who list floors as their top priority, so they dedicated an entire section to the ebook that contains all of their tips and tricks for making floors shine. Many of their clients also list hallways and staircases and the top priority, so they dedicated another section that contains all of their tips and tricks for the hallways and staircases as well.

Fresh Tech Maid is the only maid service in Chicago that specializes in chemical free cleaning. They use this method because it cleans just as thoroughly as regular products without leaving behind a harmful layer of chemical residue. The product they use is also used in many hospitals due to its ability to properly sanitize and kill germs. The owner of the company explained and tested the product on FOX live. Watch can see that interview here:

Fresh Tech Maid is providing this ebook to help people properly clean and sanitize their homes. With the flu season and the coronavirus being in the media so much, it is very important to make sure homes are well sanitized and clean to protect the people who live there. Children and elderly people are even more susceptible to these viruses and providing a clean and healthy environment for them is crucial.

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