Fresh Growth! Another ISA Certification Earned at DFW Arboriculture Enterprise

James Allen has been with TreeNewal as a Sales Arborist since March 2021 after spending eight years working throughout the Tree Care industry. Now, the tree service company has announced the arborist's new ISA certification, effective May 16, 2022.

James Allen, ISA Certified Arborist

DFW-based tree service company, TreeNewal, has announced the new ISA certification of arborist James Allen on their budding team, effective May 16, 2022.  

Since March 2021, Allen has been part of this expanding company as a Sales Arborist after spending the prior eight years working in all positions of the Tree Care industry, from Groundsman and Climber to Plant Health Care specialist. "Being part of a rapidly growing company that is doing things differently than other tree care industries," Allen says, led him to choose TreeNewal over all other arbor companies in the area. 

And now, not only is he a thriving Sales Arborist, but Allen has also recently earned a highly coveted ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certification, which requires a three-year minimum of empiric tree care experience simply to qualify. 

What is an ISA certification? "[It] is a certification that solidifies the knowledge and experience you've gained throughout your career and proves that you have done your necessary studying to pass this test," described Allen. 

The ISA itself states that this "help[s] consumers identify qualified, knowledgeable tree care professionals. Earning a credential is a voluntary activity, but it demonstrates that you have the proper knowledge and skills, as well as a high level of dedication to your profession and your community."

When asked why Allen was the right fit for his company, TreeNewal President David Gaona said, "Originally, he came in to interview for a plant health technician position. I interviewed him for two hours and was impressed with his knowledge about trees and the proper treatments…I realized he was a natural for this position [Sales Arborist]. He has great knowledge and does a great job explaining the condition of the trees and the right plan of action to our customers." 

What is in the upcoming cards for TreeNewal? "We will be adding another certified arborist in the last half of 2022. This will double our sales staff from 2021…James will be an instrumental part of our future. He has a desire to learn and win in our industry," exclaimed Gaona. 


For support with the health of your trees, call (817) 769-7197 or visit to connect with the ISA-Certified tree care team.  

About TreeNewal: TreeNewal provides expert, sustainable tree care services for residential and commercial property owners in North Texas. As a family-owned business, TreeNewal offers its customers the confidence and safety that comes from working with fully insured professionals. With offices in Southlake and Argyle, our ISA-Certified Arborists will work to understand your specific needs to create a maintenance plan rooted in sustainability, transparency, and integrity that mitigates unplanned expenses, safety hazards, and city compliance issues. Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives. 

Source: TreeNewal Certified Arborist