Fresh Digital Group Announces Release of Bust a Bug

Bust a Bug is a game application, accessible by Apple Watch, that engages with the user to overcome the bug invasion. Tap on the bombs to activate them, and use the crown to scroll them in the direction of the bugs to blow them up before they attack. Reach the next level and beat the high-score by blowing up as many bugs as possible - and the closer they are when hit, the more bonus points are given!

Fresh Digital Group announces the release of Bust a Bug, a new addictive game to overcome the bug invasion on the Apple Watch. It uses animation such as funny face expressions on the bombs indicating success or fail, and color coded bugs showing the urgency of next attack.

It also uses easy navigation with Simple combination of screen touch and crown scroll making navigation more precise.

This Apple Watch app increased engagement by giving vibrations to the player's wrist when they hit or miss. Players can compare high-scores with friends to see who reaches the highest level!


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