FreightVana Announces Significant Asset Trailer Investment

FreightVana Logistics announced today FreightVana x, the transportation industries' first collaborative Power-Only fleet. Through FreightVana x, Shippers and Carriers have unique access to FreightVana's asset trailers for increased flexibility in loading and unloading. 

Shannon Breen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FreightVana: "Shippers are typically forced to work with large asset-based Carriers to establish drop trailer programs, while most small to medium-sized truckload providers are unable to operationalize these offerings because of equipment availability and financing constraints. We started FreightVana x, in collaboration with our supply chain partners, to help alleviate this specific issue so that Shippers can now enjoy a scalable and strategic drop trailer program, backed by smaller trucking fleets, who represent most of the available capacity in the market."

FreightVana deployed their first asset trailer fleet in Q4 2021, operating between California, Arizona, and Nevada. In the next 90 days, they will be adding over 250 trailers for their Shipper Partners, with an additional 1,000 trailers coming online nationally by the end of 2022. FreightVana's proprietary transparency platform is already bringing Shippers and Carriers closer together, and this strategic trailer offering further enhances the solutions that their partners can utilize to combat the costly and volatile trends impacting the overall supply chain. 

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FreightVana is a Digital Logistics Partner, powered by technology and built on a foundation of trust and transparency.  FreightVana started operations in early 2021 and is one of the fastest growing 3PLs in the United States. 

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