Announces the Launch of Its Innovative Free Agent Rewards Program. has launched its innovative "FREE AGENT" rewards program. Anyone can join, and it is's way of rewarding those who spread the word about the company, and its exclusive line of supplements.  introduces a rewards program unlike any other. has just launched what it calls “Free Agent”.  The “Free Agent” program allows anyone to join, contains no pre-requisite monthly spending, and rewards its “Free Agents” with a flat 20% commission.

The "Free Agent” program explained;  when an individual signs up to become a “Free Agent"’ will then offer preformatted banners for those with websites, to place on their site.  When anyone clicks from that banner and comes to and then buys any product, the “Free Agent” is then credited with a 20% commission based on the product sale.  For those who do not have websites, the “Free Agent” program gives that individual links to send out to anyone in their contact list, social media such as Facebook etc.  From that link sent, anyone who comes to and makes a purchase will earn the “Free Agent” a flat 20% commission.  The company will update special offer links continually which showcase offers that only can be realized through the link sending ‘Free Agent”. also offers those who sign up to become a “Free Agent” special pricing on all products that offers.  The signed up “Free Agent” does not have to maintain any monthly minimum ordering.  The “Free Agent” also is not required to meet minimum monthly ordering from the emailed links to contacts or social media. " is excited about the launch of the “Free Agent”.program; “ we know that word of mouth advertising is the best way to develop loyal customers, and so instead of putting our dollars into huge advertising budgets, we are committed to rewarding those who spread the word about us, with something anyone can use.  Most rewards programs offer earned points to those signed up, which can then be applied at a later date for some special.  The “Free Agent” rewards program not only offers those who sign up with incredible pricing for all of our products, but it also pays people in cold hard cash for sharing about us.”  commented Director of New Product Marketing  Mr. Matt Powell. 

“The Free Agent program is totally unique, and a great way to empower our customers to spread the word about the company”  stated Director Enterprise Development Mr. Richard Ryan.

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For more information regarding, and its supplement lineup, please visit  Or toll free at: 1-877-250-9135. is a worldwide leader in health and fitness supplements. Revolutionary products including the flagship product Elegen HGH and the X7 weight loss product line are taking sports fitness into the 21st century and beyond. For more information visit


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