Freedom University Keta Reaches Key Milestone

Ghana Institution Announces Launch of New International Slave Studies Program

Marking the second anniversary of the establishment of Freedom University in Keta, Ghana, we are proud to announce the launch of our new Freedom Corps Ghana Pioneers program, a two week immersive educational slave studies tour, based in Keta, heart of the Slave Coast of Africa.

Freedom University is bolstered by support from its Advisory Board, a dream team of scholars, historians and scientists. These include Harvard Professor of History, and African and African-American Studies, Emmanuel Akyeampong, distinguished scientist and former Chancellor of Central College Ghana, Victor Gadzekpo, Professor Elysée Soumonni of the Université Nationale du Bénin, Professor Kodzo Gavua of the University of Ghana, Accra, and Professor Sandra Green of Cornell University.

Freedom Campus (the site of Freedom University) offers hope, job creation and a boost to the economy of the people of Keta and the Volta Region. It will also satisfy the needs of scholars and historians to have a slave studies center situated on the 'Slave Coast' of Africa - the only one of its kind. Ultimately, we envisage our future Polytechnic Institute as an educational, scientific, humanitarian, communications and technological center for all Africa, as well as a vanguard against the practice of modern slavery.

Gavin P. Smith

Executive Director

Slavery in its many insidious guises is alive and flourishing in Ghana, and throughout the world. The Freedom Corps Ghana Pioneer project is the first to combine scholarship with activism, using lessons from the past to attack and transform conditions - greed, ignorance, poverty, intolerance and lack of respect for individual freedom, dignity and well-being - all factors that allow slavery to flourish. Freedom Corps Ghana Pioneers will become the vanguard of informed, influential activists in an on-going battle to eliminate this evil practice.                                                                                            

Inaugural FCG dates for 2015 include tours on August 9, August 30 and December 20, each group composed of a maximum of 26 Pioneers.  In addition, a full slate of tours will be offered throughout 2016.  For more information on tours and dates for the FCG program, visit

Freedom University Keta was founded in 2013 by Fortune Norris Addor and Michael Flannery, with the addition of Gavin P. Smith, Executive Director and Consultant to the Board, in early 2015.  All have worked tirelessly to establish a sustainable polytechnic institution through sheer entrepreneurial bootstrapping and sweat equity. As a result, Freedom University is poised to become the preeminent slave studies institution in Africa.


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