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Sports betting has been around for ages, and is even considered as the oldest form of gambling in the world. The oldest sports betting event recorded in history traces back to the Greeks, which dates over two thousand years old. Fast forward to present, sports betting experienced a steep rise with the advent of the Internet, with people from everywhere either trying their luck or supporting their sports team.

Essentially, sports betting results depend on the outcome of a sporting event. In an era of online sports betting, numerous bookmakers or bookies - organizations or persons that take the bets - are offering their services. In this regard, verifying the dependability and legitimacy of a preferred bookmaker is a must before signing up for an account with it. is a website that is dedicated to assisting sports bettors in Australia. The website understands that sports betting goes beyond being a pastime; it is in fact an investment.

The dedicated people behind research and compile a list of leading bookmakers that will ensure punters get the best possible customer experience. In-depth reviews of online bookmakers, featuring Centrebet, Betfair, IASBET, SportingBet, Sportsbet and Bet 365 are provided on the website. Announcements of new and exciting promotions from the online bookmakers - such as Free Bets - can also be found at

Notably, prides itself on writing quality articles on all sports, particularly focusing on Soccer, Cricket, League and Tennis and regularly provide previews, reviews and tips on major events. also offers the Beginners Guide to Betting. Visitors who are new to betting on sports can turn to the online guide for a better understanding of the lucrative venture. The Beginners Guide to Betting uncovers the legal side of betting on sports, the different sports that can be gambles on, a suggested list of worthwhile sports to take a punt on and the odds to sports betting.

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